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Advertising, Media, & Marketing

Understand how marketers are most effectively reaching consumers and which channels have the most growth potential.

Financial Services

Make smarter business decisions knowing how consumers and businesses manage their money, borrow and make payments.


Explore our healthcare research which analyzes the aspects being transformed by tech and creating opportunities for providers and payers.


Stay ahead as 5G and emerging technologies open up massive new opportunities and shape the future of business.

Ecommerce & Retail

Learn best practices that retailers are using to acquire and retain customers and discover what emerging tech is facilitating ecommerce growth.

More Industries

Five key coverage areas make up the core of our research, but we cover dozens of industries.

Customer Statistics

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Key decision-makers at the world’s leading brands share why they find Insider Intelligence research so critical to their operations.

  • “There are very few places that I feel like I’m getting interesting information that might spark an idea or get me to rethink what we’re doing—and eMarketer is one of them.”

    Ann Lewnes

    Executive Vice President and CMO, Adobe

  • “I’m constantly going into the database to look up the macro numbers, constantly benchmarking and asking, ‘At what pace does eMarketer think things are going to grow?’”

    Jeff Green

    CEO and Co-Founder, The Trade Desk

  • “eMarketer is a valuable resource that helps us navigate our customers’ changing landscape and understand their evolving needs.”

    Stan Pavlovsky

    CEO, Shutterstock

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