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He wants to create the US version of WeChat. Twitter can help him do this, but there could be regulatory hurdles ahead.

The days of clipping coupons from booklets are long gone. Coupons, like so many other paper-based products, have gone digital. Retailers are focused on streamlining the savings experience for consumers to foster brand loyalty and punch up sales.

Hispanic consumers make up over 18% of the total US population, which equates to about 62 million people, according to the US Census Bureau’s most recent American Community Survey.

The neobank is reportedly on the verge of a $100M raise ahead of a planned IPO.

On today's episode, we discuss this year's holiday spending expectations, Google making its Maps and Search apps more immersive, adding perks to loyalty programs, Bed Bath & Beyond's future, malls attempting to evolve, what search will look like in five years, what Americans spend their money on by generation, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our vice president of Briefings Stephanie Taglianetti and analysts Suzy Davidkhanian and Evelyn Mitchell.

The larger the mobile ad, the more time spent looking at it. Static interscroller ads, which fill the screen once users scroll past a certain point, receive the most attention from smartphone users worldwide—an average of 3.3 seconds. For the video interscroller format, that figure is 3.0 seconds.

Telehealth exposure helps patients stay attentive to their care: We dive into study findings comparing the quality of in-person care with virtual and analyze how the rosy results for telehealth could impact future policies.

A West Health-Gallup report shows citizens rate their healthcare system as C+ at best. We unpack the grades for access, cost, equity, and quality.

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Google Cloud’s $100B opportunity: Data residency and sovereignty in regions like Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Greece could be Google Cloud’s competitive advantage in its pivot to a network provider.