Social platforms are cutting into Amazon’s product search dominance March 24

Social platforms are gaining in search: More US consumers are researching products on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, which could bode ill for Amazon and Google.

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Though smaller than previous hikes, this one will still weigh on consumers, small banks, and even large, well-capitalized banks that are trying to help.

Gen Zers are ready to spend. The majority will be adults in 2023, meaning increased spending power. And they rely heavily on digital when making purchases: Gen Z will surpass Gen X in the number of US digital buyers by 2025, per our forecast.

On today’s episode, host Bill Fisher is joined by our analysts Paul Briggs and Man-Chung Cheung and forecasting writer Ethan Cramer-Flood to talk about the TikTok bans currently in place around the world. They consider if the pressure building on TikTok in the US could fan out to other countries.

TikTok will see 11.6% global user growth this year, according to our forecast. That’s about double Snapchat’s and Instagram’s expected growth. The ByteDance-owned app will boast more than 900 million monthly users this year—if it manages to stay in the US, its biggest country.

Becoming a more sustainable company doesn’t have to mean spending more money—sustainability can have a positive impact on the bottom line. In this conversation, Tracy shares strategies for companies looking to boost their sustainability efforts and what she hopes attendees learned at her Shoptalk session.

Patients want to view their test results immediately: We explore the debates still raging about the benefits and risks of giving patients instantaneous access to their test results.

Spotify’s $100 million fund for diverse projects starts off slow: Concerns about spending arise as the initiative marks its first year.

Consumers continue to spend big on restaurants, gym memberships: Despite inflationary pressures, shoppers are willing to invest in affordable luxuries and wellness.

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Big Tech layoffs in 2023 have already blown past 2022’s total—indicating that job cuts are expected to continue and that they’re now spreading to peripheral industries.