Fed official calls for the inclusion of fintechs in bank merger competitive analysis September 30

A Fed official has suggested updating bank merger rules that account for the proliferation of fintechs and nonbank entities in the banking system.

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The Payment Systems Regulator’s proposal could restore trust in P2P payments and mobile wallets—and could serve as a model for US regulators.

Creators and influencers are looking for ways to diversify platforms in order to increase audience outreach, foster community, and assure they’re not at the whims of any single social media algorithm.

Google courts younger cohort with search updates: New features put bigger emphasis on visual elements to address user preferences.

On today's episode, we discuss how the digital ad duopoly is evolving, the most interesting dark horse digital ad giant, and whether Netflix, not TikTok, is a bigger threat to Facebook and Instagram. "In Other News," we talk about ad industry practices coming under fire as privacy lawsuits surge and who the winners and losers will be when the third-party cookie says goodbye. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Paul Verna.

Rising prices aren’t cooling consumer demand: Even with consumer confidence ticking up and wages increasing, there could be storm clouds ahead.

Chinese automaker BYD was the top passenger electric vehicle (EV) brand in Q2, accounting for 16.3% of the units shipped worldwide. US-based Tesla ranked second, with an 11.7% share.

Patients give telehealth rave reviews: We look at new data from JD Power and unpack what’s driving consumer use and satisfaction

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Competition coming for the Switch: More powerful devices that can leverage 5G connectivity and vast libraries of popular PC and mobile games will be the foundation for next-generation handheld gaming.