Regtech gets a funding boost as investors see the benefits behind AML risk controls and AI  January 27

Three fintechs that specialize in anti-money laundering controls—including one powered by AI—caught investors’ eyes amid regulatory crackdowns.

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The card network’s gross payment volume increased 8% YoY during Q4, but it anticipates a slowdown in revenue growth this quarter.

Search ads and retail media to aid Western Europe advertisers: Economic uncertainty to bolster use of ad channels that can deliver solid returns in 2023.

On today’s episode, host Bill Fisher is joined by our analysts Paul Briggs, Carina Perkins, and Man-Chung Cheung to talk about the biggest retail, advertising, and social media trends they expect to see in their regions in 2023.

Nearly 50% of social network users in Thailand will be TikTok users, giving the country the highest TikTok penetration in the world, according to our forecast. The US will rank second, with 45.3% of its social users on TikTok. We expect penetration in the US will be as high as 49.1% by the end of 2026.

We expect retail sales growth to slow to 2.9% this year: That pullback in spending is leading retailers to cut staff to protect their bottom lines.

Healthcare organizations, prepare for more cyberattacks: On the back of Hive’s shutdown, we recap what we saw in 2022, and highlight what to watch out for in 2023.

TikTok steps up its PR in the US capital: It’s hard for a Chinese company to make friends on the Hill, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

Troubling signs in the smartphone space: Smartphone shipments drop to the lowest level in a decade. Innovation has stagnated, foldables have failed to take off, and the market for 5G handsets has reached saturation.

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Community banks and credit unions are spending their tech budgets on fintech solutions that improve their operational efficiency.