PNC’s efforts led to the invalidation of three USAA mobile check deposit patents, opening the door for appeals from both banks.

Despite a tightening ad market, the Super Bowl powers on: Fox has sold out spots for Sunday’s game, with prices stabilizing after last year’s jump.

Despite delays, Apple can benefit from its extensive user base and merchant acceptance to build BNPL success.

Apple considers pricier iPhones to spur sales: Can an even more premium iPhone help increase sales? Apple seems to think so. Meanwhile, carriers are discounting its latest models in China by $100.

A lack of actionable insights may be the problem. Banks should rethink how tools are developed and offered.

Sightline Payments will work with Visa to power its Play+ cards, which can help digitize the cash-heavy casino and gaming sector.

TikTok’s future is anything but guaranteed: While the app remains king of video for now, Meta and Google are making strides to steal market share.

On today’s episode, we investigate the changes and current issues plaguing the cryptocurrency industry. In our “Headlines” segment, we discuss the top crypto collapses of 2022. In “Story by Numbers,” we dissect a few data points that highlight the scope of the industry's fallout and its expectations in 2023. And in “For Argument's Sake,” we exchange our views on a few of the predictions that were recently made in the Insider Intelligence "Fintech Trends to Watch for 2023" report. Tune in to the conversation with host Rob Rubin, our analyst Grace Broadbent, and Simon Taylor, co-founder of 11:FS and head of strategy and content at Sardine.

On today's episode, we discuss how Snapchat+ is getting on, concerns over time spent on the social platform, and why Q4 revenue growth stalled. "In Other News," we talk about whether Artifact, a new app from Instagram's co-founders, could become the future of social media, and how complications at Tesla could affect Elon Musk's other owned property, Twitter. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Jasmine Enberg.

Retail layoffs garner headlines but they’re not the full picture: The number of people working in retail continues to grow—we break it down.

The scale of FTX’s bankruptcy has placed it among the biggest bankruptcies in financial services history, where it sits fourth behind only WorldCom, Enron, and Lehman Brothers. However, there’s a chance of an even bigger disaster if Tether goes down.

B2B marketing is shifting to become more customer-focused and digitally oriented, which means the processes, people, and technology of B2B companies all need to follow suit. Here are five charts to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Over the past year, retail has pushed further into healthcare for two reasons: more customers and more money. The usual suspects (e.g., CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid) are all making investments in their healthcare offerings, but Amazon is on their heels.

Adversarial relationship with China is bad for tech: Retaliation by Beijing shouldn’t surprise us as Biden eyes more tech sanctions and a US general starts preparing for war.

Ingenico and Splitit are focused on cutting customer friction to grow their in-store BNPL presence.

Focusing on culture, values, and relationships will help bring in new employees. And tech investment won’t just benefit customers.

Can Google coast comfortably through a challenging 2023? The search and advertising giant’s Q4 foreshadows slow growth, revealing cracks in its empire.

TikTok is competing with just about everyone, according to our analyst Jasmine Enberg. Its lower costs per thousand are helping it pull ad share away from platforms like Meta, while its appeal to Gen Z consumers is pulling search dollars away from Google and Amazon. But it can play nice too, a strategy the platform has had to adopt in Washington to avoid a total US ban.

Previously, we didn’t expect video to hit the 50% milestone until after 2024. With advertisers preserving more of their social video budgets during the downturn, this trend was accelerated.