We run down the status of the four most at-risk regional lenders following SVB’s collapse. And look at why the Big Six are better protected.

SVB leaves void of startup support in its wake: Depositors may get their money back but they’ll lose the go-to institution for young companies accessing capital. Brace for startup failures.

GPT-4 unmasked as Bing’s bot: OpenAI released another generative AI model. We can expect it to light a fire under Google’s Bard efforts as the AI race gains momentum.

Can Netflix develop an ad stack without Microsoft? After just a few months, the streamer is already showing nervous signs around how to handle its advertising future.

Startups have had issues with payment processing and access to capital. Many crypto investors also swapped their USDC holdings for Tether. 

US click-and-collect sales growth will slow slightly over the course of the next few years, per our forecast, as adoption levels off after an acceleration in 2020. Still, sales will increase by double-digit percentages both this year and next and reach $131.66 billion by 2026.

Slowing but persistent inflation continues to strain US consumers’ buying power: Real wages fell in February as prices for groceries, recreation, and airfare continued to rise.

This year, time spent with digital video will officially surpass time spent with TV among US adults. Video advertising is also moving toward digital as advertisers set their sights on connected TV and social video, and even take advantage of retail media networks’ video opportunity. Whether you’re pitching a video ad campaign or reevaluating a tight ad budget, here are five charts that will help with the how, what, where, when, and why of video advertising. Whether you’re pitching a video ad campaign or reevaluating a tight ad budget, here are five charts that will help with the how, what, where, when, and why of video advertising.

An emerging tension between retailer ads and customer experience (CX) is brewing as consumers grow more attuned to high ad loads online and in stores. Retailers’ core competency of delivering exceptional CX is now being pitted against their own retail media networks’ desire to expand their digital advertising surface area to capture high-margin revenues.

Asos is working with Criteo to expand its retail media business: The retailer hopes that retail media revenues can help it navigate the challenging economic environment.

Diabetes drug makers come under gov’t pressure: Big Pharma reacts to Biden administration push for limits on insulin prices. A majority of consumers—and employers—are cheering on cost pressures.

SVB’s fall could set off more uncertainty in the tech sector: The collapse of a longtime cog in the country’s innovation engine will put additional strain on a tech sector already reeling from layoffs and losses.

On today's episode, in our "Retail Me This, Retail Me That" segment, we talk about what the leading retailers' Q4 performances tell us about the state of retail. Then for "Pop-Up Rankings: Earnings Awards Edition," we rank the two best and the two most concerning retailer performances of late. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts director of Briefings Jeremy Goldman and analyst Zak Stambor.

Historically, apparel and accessories and computer and consumer electronics were the most dominate categories in ecommerce sales. They will remain significant sales drivers, but in the future, ecommerce will be more evenly spread among categories.

Trust remains crucial for banks as authorities tussle to stop panic and restore stability after the collapse of three banks.

It’s working with homegrown wallet Lynk so customers can receive remittances, which will aid its digital push.

5G mobile service revenues will reach $310 billion globally this year, according to Juniper Research. In 2027, that figure will rise more than twofold to $625 billion, as the world upgrades from 3G and 4G.

As brands seek ways to stretch their marketing budgets, advertisers may lean on automation to help them create more cost-efficient campaigns. Here are some best practices on creating and measuring Google Performance Max campaigns, including how to choose the right budget and bid strategy and the right variety of creative assets.

Quiet storm brews over reclassification of instream ads: Advertisers welcome clarity on what they’re buying, but publishers want to protect their revenues.

“We’re showing 20.5% growth for retail media ad spending this year, and 22.9% actually accelerating into next year,” said senior forecaster Ethan Cramer-Flood at our recent “Attention! Seizing the Retail Media Opportunity” summit. That stat assumes inflation will cool some in the second half of this year, which our forecasters currently predict it will.