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Clothing is the top category across age and gender. According to the December 2023 Insider Intelligence Ecommerce Survey (conducted by Bizrate Insights), more than half of respondents in each group reported buying clothing online at least once in the past month

The vast majority (81.5%) of retail media ad spend will go toward on-site formats this year, per our October 2023 forecast. As advertisers seek to target consumers whenever and wherever possible, other formats are emerging, particularly in-store, streaming, and social.

The “The Sopranos” turns 25 this year, and the “mob wife” look—big hair, fur coats, animal prints, and lots of gold jewelry—is back and trending on TikTok.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss what artificial general intelligence (AGI) is capable of, why everyone is rushing to create it, and how close we are to reaching it. "In Other News," we talk about 'Ready Player One' becoming a metaverse experience and how we will start controlling our smart homes. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Jacob Bourne and Gadjo Sevilla.

53.2% of businesses worldwide have a dedicated customer experience (CX) management team, according to October 2023 data from GoodFirms.

Retailers are going big on innovation. AI-powered improvements to the customer journey, ambitious market expansion, and viral partnerships and marketing campaigns have caught our attention, just in time for the first edition of our monthly ‘unofficial’ ranking of most interesting retailers.

TikTok’s retail ambitions will go head-to-head with Amazon’s ecommerce dominance, while LinkedIn’s ad appeal grows with tech-powered enhancements. Here’s how our analysts predict the changing social landscape will impact advertisers in 2024.

Meta rings in two decades of Facebook: The company has undergone major transformations, and 2024 will bring more changes as AI and regulation shape its trajectory.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching (a helpful reminder), and ahead of the romantic holiday, Sweethearts put out a collection of “situationship” hearts with “messages as blurry as your relationships.” The candies are targeted at Gen Zers in an aim to get buy-in from consumers who may not be head over heels for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

On today's episode, we discuss the appeal of Prime Video with ads, why we might see more honest and transparent advertising, the inevitability of face computers, Netflix's chances of becoming a significant gaming hub, how the average retirement age is changing and more. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Ross Benes, Blake Droesch, and Max Willens.

Meta looks to build for the future: Threads and Reality Labs come into focus as potential long-term growth engines.

It’s easy to understand the appeal of brand extension: Carhartt, lululemon, and Christian Louboutin are among the brands pushing into new markets to accelerate growth.

“Understanding how consumers are spending their time and money is paramount to your business being successful,” our analyst Jeremy Goldman said on “The Future of Digital 2024” webinar. Here are three shifts in media consumption, purchasing behavior, and mobile usage, and how each is prompting new advertising strategies in streaming, social search, and gaming.

Shoppers made a record number of Amazon purchases this holiday season: Strong consumer spending coupled with momentum in its ad business helped propel Amazon’s earnings well past expectations.

US grocery store displays averaged 80.3 per store in 2023, a decline 10.2 from 2018, according to Q3 2023 data from Circana.

UMG and TikTok clash over music rights, AI: The label is pulling its catalog from TikTok amid a pay dispute and the app's test of AI music features.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss what was behind the streaming giants staggering subscriber growth, how Prime Video's new ad-tier will affect Netflix, and how a deal with the WWE changes its sports strategy. "In Other News," we talk about an important milestone for ad-supported video streaming. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Daniel Konstantinovic.

US social network ad spend will reach $82.89 billion this year, according to our October 2023 forecast.