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TikTok steps up its PR in the US capital: It’s hard for a Chinese company to make friends on the Hill, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

TikTok bans in colleges go viral: The fallout from students and teachers could be indicative of wider pushback against banning the app.

Disney to bring Hulu ad targeting to its streaming properties: Move should bring efficiencies as Netflix looks to bulk up its ad tier.

TikTok broadens effort to call out state-controlled media: US, China among countries added to labeling program in bid for greater transparency.

Microsoft is the latest to resort to layoffs: The company is reducing its headcount by 5% as it pivots to plug AI into its key products, subscriptions, and cloud services. But AI still has a lot of hurdles to jump.

Slowing growth forces Beijing to capitulate to Big Tech: Facing the weakest growth in decades, China seeks cooperation with the EU and will loosen its iron grip on tech monoliths to spur the economy.

TikTok’s recommendation oversight could usher in a new era for social media: The embattled app promised regulators access to its algorithm, which could mean similar changes for competitors.

President Biden urges regulators to move fast on Big Tech reforms: He called for a ban on targeting ads to minors and reforms to the controversial Section 230.

Netflix’s latest move means big things for its livestream ambitions: The company will stream the SAG Awards on YouTube this year and on its own platform next year.

Subscription OTT video is chasing linear TV in terms of time spent in the US. We estimate adults still spend significantly more time per day watching TV, but that figure is decreasing and will fall below 3 hours this year. Meanwhile, for subscription OTT video, time spent will surpass an hour and a half per day. But ad spend on these platforms is not proportional to time spent.

2023 layoffs expose Big Tech’s dirty laundry: Tone deafness, overexpansion, and lack of focus on security are the industry’s pressing problems that need to be resolved before the economy recovers.

Ad strategy is vital for podcasts, where listeners don’t necessarily click ads but commercials can still leave an impression. Here’s what marketers need to know when they think about podcasting and digital audio at large.

Another Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has come and gone, introducing the world to everything from a self-driving stroller to an accessible PlayStation 5 controller. It would be impossible to give a rundown of everything announced at the Las Vegas event, but here are a few things we think retailers should keep an eye on.

Nearly three-quarters of US adult internet users agreed it will take them a while to understand how to use and join the virtual world, according to an October 2022 Sitecore survey. That’s not great news considering 64% said they won’t engage in the metaverse if it’s hard to figure out or use.

Connected TV (CTV)’s digital DNA and ability to target specific audiences has catapulted its popularity among advertisers. Learn why a wide variety of advertisers, including direct-to-consumer brands, are using CTV ads to reach streaming viewers and drive measurable results.

Paramount is playing catch-up when it comes to ad innovation: The media giant is exploring a number of initiatives to fuel its aggressive streaming goals.

Meta’s latest EU fine is more than a minor shakeup: The ruling, which Meta will appeal, could markedly limit its ability to target advertisements.

Taiwan is still the cradle of chip innovation: TSMC committed to its home country even as it broke ground in America, maintaining Taiwan’s dominance in chip production at a time of heightened geopolitical conflict.

Our analysts have already shared what they think will be the biggest trends of 2023, but we’re not done with the crystal ball just yet. From patchwork TV measurement to Meta cashing in on its messaging apps, our team revealed some thoughts on what’s to come in the year ahead.

Tesla leads EV charge, but competition is around the corner: Tesla’s expansion is unparalleled, but so are its recalls and safety issues. Meanwhile, the rest of the automotive industry is slowly but steadily catching up.