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Smarter subsidies and incentives for EV adoption: Global EV adoption targets require a monumental shift for consumers. The shift can be accelerated by incentives to help bring down initial costs.

Walmart has big plans to grow its ad business: Its ad tech platform is working with TikTok, Snap, and Roku to measure how social media and CTV advertising affect sales.

A tech cold war intensifies: A federal order protecting US tech interests highlights anxiety over China surpassing the US as a global tech superpower. Some weaknesses are closer to home.

Streamers won't sacrifice their brands for sports rights: Disney is keeping gambling at arm’s length while Apple and Amazon run from a Saudi golf deal.

According to video game developers, streaming will grow the most of any gaming platform by 2025, cited by 40% of those surveyed. Another 24% said mobile will grow the most, while fewer pointed to the metaverse or consoles.

Meta faces new challenges: ByteDance and Sony are building their VR ecosystems. This could be the perfect time for Meta to double down on its productivity and collaboration-focused metaverse

As political ads boom, so do transparency concerns: The growing impact of CTV and programmatic advertising calls for transparency—but it’s not an easy problem to solve.

Is there user demand for social audio? Results are mixed, but Amazon is pressing on with a creator fund for audio app Amp.

On today's episode, we discuss what to note about TikTok's ascent, how much time on social media is spent watching video, and the discrepancy between TV and connected TV ad spend. "In Other News," we talk about how Instagram Reels' engagement stacks up against TikTok's and whether ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) ad spending can overtake traditional TV ad spend by 2025. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Jasmine Enberg and Paul Verna.

It seems like everyone is getting in on the nonfungible token (NFT) trend these days, and New York Fashion Week (NYFW) was no exception.

Meta seeks secrets: The social media behemoth is asking rivals for confidential information in its lawsuit to prove it isn’t a monopoly. The strategy could backfire, leading to more lawsuits or intensifying regulation.

Advertisers should worry more about regulation than cookie depreciation: A report from the IAB calls out legislation as the biggest threat to signal loss.

Amazon’s iRobot deal under investigation: iRobot’s fate hangs in the balance as interest groups and the FTC target the acquisition. If the deal fails, Amazon can make its own robot vacuums while iRobot flounders.

Roblox’s ad efforts come at a tricky time: A spending downturn, prickly regulatory mood, and unclear in-game ad standards make this a tough space to navigate.

On today's episode, we discuss the out-of-home (OOH) ad recovery, the influence of digital billboards, and how OOH can drive consumers to take action. "In Other News," we talk about YouTube TV letting folks watch four channels on one screen simultaneously and whether Netflix could soon be a destination for gamers. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Ross Benes.

Leaked memo gives insight into Snap’s future: Older users, enterprise AR, and Snapchat+ growth are all part of the puzzle.

After surpassing media in digital ad spend during 2020, the entertainment industry continues to widen its lead in the US. This year, entertainment will lay out $14.86 billion, exceeding the media industry’s $12.30 billion.

Chipmakers warn of worst downturn in a decade: Recovery from shortages was expected by late 2022, but chip manufacturers are bracing for tougher times as supply chains are challenged by economic uncertainty and political conflict.

Changing content consumption patterns are bending media and entertainment ad spending in different directions.

Meta faces litany of fines in EU: Ireland fines Instagram $403 million for exposing underage users’ personal data. Persistent privacy penalties and lack of user protection could diminish Meta’s wider metaverse ambitions.