Biden Administration prepares to promote innovation through tighter regulation: The DOJ’s support for antitrust bill could level the playing field for smaller firms but risks putting Big Tech on the defensive.

A new bill targets acquisitions, but could struggle to get passed: Democrats are backing an antitrust measure that would let them block mergers of over $5 billion.

New challenges for Russia’s tech émigrés: Big Tech closed its offices, and thousands in the industry have fled. Financial isolation and anti-Russian sentiment could impede their attempts to restart businesses.

The president’s sweeping order on digital assets calls for research into a CBDC.

List of Big Tech companies, carmakers shunning Russia grows longer: Services and apps go dark, putting pressure on Russian consumers. But will continued sanctions influence the Russian government?

Ukraine conflict presents a chance for social media to amend a history of misinformation: American tech firms clashed with Russia over the weekend, often rebuking its requests.

Big Tech faces dilemma in Russia-Ukraine conflict: While rushing to get refugees to safety, companies debate remaining neutral, which would seem like compliance with Russia, or leveling sanctions and risking retribution from the Kremlin.

The Ukraine crisis forces video platforms to make tough decisions: Political content is thriving on Twitch and YouTube, but so is misinformation.

Ukraine conflict could bog down various supply chains: Russia and Ukraine are a significant source for materials and energy supplies, and continued conflict and Russian sanctions will lead to shortages.

China mounts ambitious effort to regulate AI: Initiatives to scrutinize and regulate algorithms could spare Chinese consumers from discriminatory algorithms in the short term but could stagnate innovation in the long term.

Chamber aligns with Big Tech: The largest US lobbying group is going against the FTC as Big Tech’s new enforcer. Its involvement could make it harder for the government to enforce antitrust laws.

10M US households sign up for affordable broadband: Tens of millions of eligible households could be left behind due to service providers failing to cooperate, digital discrimination, and lack of awareness.

Nvidia ends quest to purchase Arm for $40B: The merger that collapsed under regulatory pressure and potential lawsuits serves as a cautionary tale in a frenzied Big Tech M&A environment.

Google, Meta find themselves in Europe’s regulatory crosshairs once more: As increased scrutiny drives up the cost of doing business, Big Tech tries to fight back.

Google’s EU antitrust woes multiply: Sweden’s PriceRunner sues Google for skewing search results toward its own shopping service. The move could prompt more legal action from European shopping services.

House passes $52B chip R&D and acceleration bill: Tech companies are clamoring for the infusion of funds, which can increase the US’ 12% share of global semiconductor production capacity.

New bill is biggest challenge to locked-down farm equipment: The Agriculture Right to Repair Act could challenge current business models, but expect manufacturers to fight to protect their intellectual property.

FTC looking into Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard buyout: The gaming acquisition frenzy could be cooled off by regulators on alert for anticompetitive advantages

Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and others back EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations: A letter to SCOTUS outlines the urgency to avert effects of climate change, but are Big Tech companies practicing what they preach?

Winter Olympics provide Beijing the opportunity to scrub China’s internet clean: The door to a free and open Chinese internet is closing fast as regulators aim to reshape the Great Firewall of China.