Big Tech layoffs in 2023 have already blown past 2022’s total—indicating that job cuts are expected to continue and that they’re now spreading to peripheral industries.

The Wall Street lender’s pilot shows the space is maturing and could prompt other banks to launch their own biometric products.

Friction developing between Microsoft and OpenAI: The tech companies compete for AI customers under a profit-sharing model that could undermine Microsoft’s cloud growth. An acquisition attempt is likely.

TikTok sister app Douyin is a livestream behemoth in China, where nearly 40% of internet users also engage in livestream shopping, according to our forecast. But in the US, the format hasn’t caught on in the same way.

Recent attacks plaguing US companies have become increasingly aggressive, with hackers using phone calls, emails, and other methods. The FBI might have answers.

Tech’s nightmare becomes reality: As Amazon lays off thousands more, the talent bloodletting shows no signs of letting up. It’s a symptom of impulsivity in the tech industry that could come back to haunt it amid the tight labor market.

An ultimatum by the Biden administration gives ByteDance no recourse but to sell TikTok—which China’s government doesn’t seem likely to allow—or risk being banned.

Generative AI’s poetic hallucinations might clash with data science rigor: The tech industry’s growing catalog of generative AI app integration raises questions about performance and adoption best practices.

Gamers who grew up on PC and console games are seeking sophistication in their mobile hybrid-casual games, AAA titles, and multiplayer mobile games. We dive into the future of gaming.

Its valuation took another big dip, but the raise could encourage other cash-hungry fintechs. Stripe’s OpenAI tie-in can open doors for both firms.

Google quickens its pace in the generative AI race: Playing catch-up to generative AI rivals, it unveils enterprise and developer offerings this week. Performance and consumer privacy trump release timelines.

We run down the status of the four most at-risk regional lenders following SVB’s collapse. And look at why the Big Six are better protected.

SVB leaves void of startup support in its wake: Depositors may get their money back but they’ll lose the go-to institution for young companies accessing capital. Brace for startup failures.

GPT-4 unmasked as Bing’s bot: OpenAI released another generative AI model. We can expect it to light a fire under Google’s Bard efforts as the AI race gains momentum.

Trust remains crucial for banks as authorities tussle to stop panic and restore stability after the collapse of three banks.

SVB’s fall could set off more uncertainty in the tech sector: The collapse of a longtime cog in the country’s innovation engine will put additional strain on a tech sector already reeling from layoffs and losses.

GM can’t afford workers and EVs: It’s offering the bulk of its US salaried employees voluntary severance. We can expect inflation, high interest rates, and automation to weigh on industry jobs.

The tech sector that had propelled Silicon Valley Bank’s growth lost confidence in its viability and pivoted away from it. Are other tech-focused banks also in danger?

Banks are under pressure to slash costs amid weak dealmaking. Citi is cutting jobs but also spending big in a strategy shift.

Generative AI gains momentum across multiple industries: Generative AI, including ChatGPT, has led to a boom as companies and startups alike race to integrate it into their products and businesses find new applications.