Google Cloud accelerates expansion: Overcoming a $3B loss in 2021, Google Cloud is coming to more regions in Latin America. Focusing on emerging economies could help it grab market share.

EU tightens grip on Big Tech: Consumers will get sweeping data protection and sovereignty, while tech monoliths could be fined or banned unless they adhere to regulations.

Robot colleagues on the rise: As robots enter more industries, startups are developing systems for the bots to work collaboratively with humans. Economic turbulence will help and hinder the movement.

A call for talent in revenue cycle management: We take a look at how companies are hiring for RCM and the role that RCM software adoption will play in addressing the labor shortage.

Big Tech is lobbying antitrust with big dollars: The biggest technology monoliths collectively spent twice as much as big pharma in lobbying and could gain the upper hand as Congress heads into fall recess

An end to password authentication: Poor password security resulted in $52B in losses in 2021. There’s an opportunity to compete in the passwordless authentication market.

Paving the path to the metaverse: Unprecedented interest in the emerging metaverse might cool if the tech industry can’t sustain momentum on innovation and public enthusiasm during the downturn.

Focusing on TikTok: As the social video platform cuts jobs around the world and deals with the departure of its chief security officer and accusations of data harvesting, we weigh in on what’s next.

Shopify broadens the services it offers merchants: It partnered with YouTube to allow creators and merchants to sell products on their channels and bolstered its logistics platform by buying Deliverr.

Big Tech pauses office expansion: The economic downturn has pushed beleaguered companies like Meta to rethink their strategies. Workers’ reluctance to return is another reason for companies to stall expansion plans.

AI startups target corporate fear: Mounting recession anxiety is infusing accounting AI startups with cash. Long-term investor interest in AI applications will remain diverse, but startups may have to pivot.

The scale of Big Tech’s lobbying efforts: Sides lobbying for and against Big Tech regulation are intensifying their efforts before the Senate’s recess. Companies like Amazon are backing groups to stall regulation.

Another EV charging problem: As ACs blast during a Texas heatwave, EV charging could lead to blackouts—but it doesn’t have to. Bidirectional charging can make EVs a lifeline, not a burden.

The layoff-hiring puzzle: In what seems like a paradox, scores of layoffs coincide with hiring growth. Tech moves away from broad expansion plans while still needing software innovation to stay afloat.

EVs on track to surpass adoption targets: An electrified future could happen sooner thanks to a range of prices and model choices, high gas prices, and promised charging infrastructure.

Twitter’s value topples: Elon Musk withdraws from the $43.4B deal and causes a $2.5B drop in Twitter’s market value. A lawsuit could produce a range of possible outcomes for both parties.

Is now really the time for that metaverse campaign? Playboy and the Care Bears seem to think so, economic outlook be darned.

Not your grandfather’s engineering degree: Dartmouth dean Alexis Abramson says tech education needs to be more holistic to solve real human problems. And students are increasingly heeding the message.

Twitter teetering as acquisition deal likely canceled: Twitter lays off 30% of its talent acquisition team as the company is seemingly in limbo.

Tesla workers up for grabs: The company’s workforce reduction is leading to key competitors acquiring much-needed talent. What does this mean for Tesla’s long-term growth as it faces trying times?