Can Meta sustain its VR headset dominance? It has 90% market share, but its Horizon Worlds metaverse apps are only accessible in the US and Canada, leaving room for new entrants to compete.

‘90 million attacks daily’: As the cybersecurity industry suffers from an onslaught of attacks and burnout, companies issue layoffs. The education sector could help build a higher-security future.

Samsung leads in next-gen chip production: Production of Samsung’s 3-nanometer chip leaves rivals like TSMC and Intel scrambling. And chip innovation is quickly outpacing the speed of legislating subsidy bills.

Retailers experiment with the role of the store: Gap, Jonathan Adler, and others are testing new retail concepts and tech to determine the best way to leverage their physical presences.

A new Frontier for startups: A handful of startups just got funding to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Using carbon as a raw material could help them reach market viability.

Energy independence undermined: A group is using propaganda to keep other countries dependent on rare-earth minerals from China. As more disinformation looms, social media companies could help stop it.

Silicon Valley goes global: The Great Resignation and remote work have pushed tech companies to hire international software developers. It could significantly change Silicon Valley and emerging tech hubs worldwide.

Big Tech post-Roe: As tech giants like Google respond to abortion rights loss, they face a quagmire of choices about strengthening digital privacy, censorship, and where to do business.

Gigafactories = ‘gigantic money furnaces’: Supply chain disruptions grind Tesla’s new factories to a near halt. Even when things come back online, the mineral shortage will still be a scourge.

Tech’s labor tug of war: Big Tech is raising pay and discouraging union efforts, but an increasing number of workers are banking on unions to give them a voice in negotiating working conditions and benefits.

AVs have surveillance potential: Chinese officials’ recent restrictions on Teslas are just a fraction of more widespread concerns about vehicle digital privacy. Regulators and automakers should preemptively take action.

The outspoken business magnate outlined his visions for the Big Tech in a company all-hands.

Storm clouds for Big Tech: Following record-high cloud spending, the top cloud providers saw declines in April. Economic upheaval means a rocky road ahead, but cloud demand will endure.

$52B chip bill stuck in legislative limbo: The CHIPS for America Act would help offset some of the losses suffered by American chipmakers or allow them to pursue expansion plans.

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Nuclear-powered space ‘tug’ boats: Getting satellites to the right orbit is a pressing problem that Atomos Space plans to solve with nuclear fission reactors. But better energy sources need investment.

Intel presses pause on PC chip hires: Rising inflation, surging competition, and a shrinking PC market force Intel to evaluate PC chipsets. Its austerity measures could resonate across the industry.

The slippery AI consciousness debate: More controversy in Google’s AI team exposes the foggy world of artificial sentience. Mounting concerns about AI warrants more Big Tech accountability and transparency.

Startups to watch: Greentech companies are raising millions for diverse sustainability strategies. With no end in sight to climate change, the money will likely keep rolling in.

Smartphones will gain a few competitors in the next several years. As metaverse tools and wearables like virtual reality (VR) headsets become more commonplace, they will cause growth to slow for everyday devices like smartphones.