Ford looks to become more competitive against Tesla: Ford creates a dedicated EV division while maintaining gas-powered cash cows, highlighting the need for massive changes in the automotive industry.

Verizon banks on private 5G for business: The carrier’s service in BlackRock’s offices will showcase an opportunity for 5G to shine while challenging Wi-Fi’s dominance in office, enterprise, and government use.

Global iPhone production hits record growth despite chip, component crisis: Demand for iPhone 13 models, reduced pricing on older handsets, and Huawei’s declining market share help Apple reclaim smartphone leadership.

Big Tech faces dilemma in Russia-Ukraine conflict: While rushing to get refugees to safety, companies debate remaining neutral, which would seem like compliance with Russia, or leveling sanctions and risking retribution from the Kremlin.

Ukraine conflict could bog down various supply chains: Russia and Ukraine are a significant source for materials and energy supplies, and continued conflict and Russian sanctions will lead to shortages.

Meta puts AI at the center of the metaverse’s foundation: A glimpse into the company’s 10-year quest to build a VR future around AI reveals they are nowhere near finished and still have a long way to go

China mounts ambitious effort to regulate AI: Initiatives to scrutinize and regulate algorithms could spare Chinese consumers from discriminatory algorithms in the short term but could stagnate innovation in the long term.

Russian cyberattack on Ukraine has far-reaching implications: The unprecedented DDoS attack on Ukraine triggers calls for worldwide cybersecurity measures to protect infrastructure.

Volkswagen’s potential purchase of Huawei’s autonomous driving business could force competitors to accelerate AV development: A multibillion-euro investment could help standardize AV technology across VW’s range of models.

Clearview AI’s quest to grab 100B photos could be running out of time, money: The company is raising funds for a database of every person’s face, but investment should go into removing racial bias.

Cloud consolidation continues with Akamai’s $900M acquisition of Linode: Can compressing cloud behemoths become unmanageable?

Chamber aligns with Big Tech: The largest US lobbying group is going against the FTC as Big Tech’s new enforcer. Its involvement could make it harder for the government to enforce antitrust laws.

Chinese companies can learn much about metaverse from US counterparts: Heavy tech regulations in the country have slowed tech firm’s ventures into the virtual world.

UK regulators warn that banks must be able to prove that AI use in loan applications won’t worsen discrimination against minorities.

ES: Mounting tensions between Russia and Ukraine could leave necessary chip components in short supply: The region produces neon and palladium, which could further choke chip supplies if unavailable.

Tesla recalls are mounting: Issues range from the dangerous to the absurd but expose quality-control issues traditional carmakers have long solved. What can the industry learn from the deepening integration of tech?