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Advertising & Marketing

64% of US adults think disinformation and “fake news” are most widespread on social media, according to a September 2023 survey from UNESCO and Ipsos.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss the main problems folks are facing today when it comes to building creatives, how to overcome them, and what the creative problems of the future might be. "In Other News," we talk about the generative AI (genAI) priorities for marketers this year and what will actually replace cookies. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Bill Fisher and Aarjav Thakore, senior product manager at StackAdapt.

2024 is shaping up to be the year of the AI-powered shopping assistant. Just two months in, retailers from Walmart and Amazon to Ikea and Chevron have released a flurry of AI-based updates, hoping to make the shopping experience easier and more relevant.

A Google versus OpenAI search engine showdown is taking shape: A race to develop AI search engines raises questions about whether the tech can shake up the market.

On today’s podcast episode, we discuss the potential audiences for some of the world’s biggest sporting events; how brands and marketers can better monetize these audiences; and how TV and streaming rights might shake out in the near future. Join host Bill Fisher, our analyst Paul Briggs, forecasting writer Ethan Cramer-Flood, and vice president of content Paul Verna for the discussion.

Nearly a third of the US population will be free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) viewers by 2027, accounting for a total of 114.5 million viewers, according to our September 2023 forecast. That large audience base, coupled with the rise of new players and the abundance of ad inventory, is making FASTs increasingly appealing to media planners—especially those on a budget.

Retail media works. For 77% of US organizations, retail media has either met or exceeded KPI expectations, according to a December 2023 survey from Skai and the Path to Purchase Institute. Only 3% say it had little or no impact on desired objectives.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss which app experiences best transfer over to the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset, whether instant AI-generated videos will be a hit, department stores' path to relevancy, if folks are ready for shoppable media, how marriage is changing in the US, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Ross Benes, Bill Fisher, and Carina Perkins.

When Netflix first rolled out its ad-supported tier in late 2022, its CPMs (the cost to reach 1,000 users) were nearly $60, per our data. Disney+ CPMs were slightly lower at $50, but still much higher than Hulu’s at $24.44.

Consumers today have access to a lifetime’s worth of TV content across a wide range of sources. On the surface, the fragmented nature of where content comes from can be challenging for media planning, but with a strong focus on time spent, it doesn’t have to be.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss what will influence digital ad spending this year, who's the "dark horse" ad player of 2024, and how the CMO role and marketing departments will change. "In Other News," we talk about what to make of Google's latest AI creation called Gemini and some research explaining how often AI chatbots make things up. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Yory Wurmser.

If you’re trying to appeal to Gen Z, “hire Gen Zers,” said Jennifer Quigley-Jones, CEO and founder of influencer marketing agency Digital Voices. Whether making social media content for brand-owned accounts or working with influencers, marketers that want to sell to Gen Z need to work with Gen Zers.

The 2024–2025 upfronts and NewFronts promise to be interesting. This year’s planning season will showcase the interplay between consumer preferences and TV viewing habits, underscoring the urgency for industry-wide innovation and flexibility.

Some 71% of US retail decision-makers have invested in data and AI-enabled content for personalization, according to an August 2023 survey by Coresight Research. As more brands adopt AI to scale tailored content, they’re also confronted with the challenge of protecting—and respecting—their audience’s privacy. Here are three ways—and real-world examples—retailers can implement AI without overstepping customer boundaries.

The ecommerce search experience is ripe for reinvention: Pinterest, Walmart, Etsy, and others are relying on AI to deliver more relevant results and drive sales.

Half of US digital media professionals say that social media holds the most potential for innovation and opportunity in the next 12 months, per a September 2023 survey by YouGov cited by Integral Ad Science.

This year’s Super Bowl was marked by quite a few celebrity-filled commercials, but one caught our attention above all others—not just for its perfectly chosen star-studded cast, but for its ability to keep the conversation going after the game was over

Here are some insights to maximize success on the platform, including how Amazon supports brand and performance goals, how sellers are leveraging AI, and the sweet spot for product volume and price.

Amazon’s website is by far the most visited ecommerce site by unique monthly visitors in the US, per November 2023 Similarweb data.