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Advertising & Marketing

53.2% of businesses worldwide have a dedicated customer experience (CX) management team, according to October 2023 data from GoodFirms.

Retailers are going big on innovation. AI-powered improvements to the customer journey, ambitious market expansion, and viral partnerships and marketing campaigns have caught our attention, just in time for the first edition of our monthly ‘unofficial’ ranking of most interesting retailers.

Meta rings in two decades of Facebook: The company has undergone major transformations, and 2024 will bring more changes as AI and regulation shape its trajectory.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching (a helpful reminder), and ahead of the romantic holiday, Sweethearts put out a collection of “situationship” hearts with “messages as blurry as your relationships.” The candies are targeted at Gen Zers in an aim to get buy-in from consumers who may not be head over heels for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss what was behind the streaming giants staggering subscriber growth, how Prime Video's new ad-tier will affect Netflix, and how a deal with the WWE changes its sports strategy. "In Other News," we talk about an important milestone for ad-supported video streaming. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Daniel Konstantinovic.

“Understanding how consumers are spending their time and money is paramount to your business being successful,” our analyst Jeremy Goldman said on “The Future of Digital 2024” webinar. Here are three shifts in media consumption, purchasing behavior, and mobile usage, and how each is prompting new advertising strategies in streaming, social search, and gaming.

On today's podcast episode, we launch our inaugural 'The Unofficial Most Interesting Retailers List' for January. Arielle, Becky, and Sara (a.k.a. The Committee) have put together a very unofficial list of 8 retailers they're watching right now, based on which retailers are making the most interesting moves this month. Who's launching new initiatives? What partnerships move the needle? What stand-out marketing campaigns are there? On future episodes, we’ll have analysts dispute this power rankings list, but on today's show we layout our top 8 for January. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts analyst Arielle Feger and director of content Becky Schilling.

Ads delivering alongside risky content or fake news and maximizing yield are the biggest media challenges facing US publishers, according to a September 2023 study from Integral Ad Science and YouGov.

Super Bowl LVIII is less than two weeks away. Not every ad has been announced, but we’ve kept watch on the teasers. This year’s Super Bowl will be defined by a potential Taylor Swift appearance, possible Paramount+ complications, and some big swings from brands. Ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers’ big night, here are five trends we’re watching.

TikTok influencers drive the most engagement for sponsors: Our Industry KPIs show influencers on TikTok have more than twice the engagement as Instagram influencers.

On today’s podcast episode, host Bill Fisher and our analysts Paul Briggs, Matteo Ceurvels, and Man-Chung Cheung each pitch their most dramatic predictions in their coverage regions for 2024, in hopes of securing "investment" from the other sharks. Can you be convinced to "invest" in their 2024 predictions?

Lunar New Year is approaching, providing another opportunity for brands to deliver culturally relevant campaigns. Successful brands can forge meaningful connections with diverse audiences, such as the AAPI community, communicate values of inclusion, and engage consumers in new markets. Unsuccessful brands risk losing equity, loyalty, and, ultimately, sales.

As a retail media network (RMN) builds out its data collaboration platform reducing risk should be top of mind. To safeguard user data, RMNs can implement a data clean room and other privacy enhancing technologies to create a trusted environment and propel growth.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss how Walmart plans to use AI to enhance the customer shopping experience, Instacart pushing smart carts into in-store retail media, why consumers are dissatisfied with their in-store shopping experience, how best to reduce clothing returns, the rise—and potential fall—of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our vice president of content Suzy Davidkhanian and analysts Blake Droesch and Carina Perkins.

In 2027, enterprise spending on generative AI solutions worldwide will reach $151.1 billion, growing nearly eightfold from its total in 2023, according to the International Data Corporation.

Not every trend gets the headline it deserves. Our analysts spotted three undervalued ad mediums (in games, shoppable media, and ride-share companies), each holding an opportunity for advertisers to diversify their spend, explore formats, and identify untapped audiences. Here are the ad forecast trends you need to know.

With OpenAI’s new GPT Store, an Apple App Store-like interface that opened earlier this month, SEO professionals can share their own custom versions of ChatGPT with premium subscribers. But these collaborative innovations aren’t without their challenges. Generative AI can’t do everything, and it can be hard to vet new tools in the store.

On today's podcast episode, in our "Retail Awards" segment, we discuss the retailers to watch out for in 2024 (superlatives edition). Find out which retailer will win most likely to need a makeover, most likely to reinvent itself, most likely to go viral, and more. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts analysts Arielle Feger and Zak Stambor.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss the digital habits across generations: what baby boomers' top digital activity is, Gen X's approach to all things digital, and how much more time Gen Zers actually spend on social media over other generations. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Paola Flores-Marquez and vice president of research Jennifer Pearson.