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Artificial Intelligence

A chatbot-induced suicide could get regulators' attention: AI’s Eliza effect is triggering mental health issues. Companies will struggle to balance entertainment value with safety amid the AI arms race.

When asked about generative AI, 62% of US adults strongly or somewhat agreed that it can save time and resources in the workplace, but there were concerns about the effectiveness and accuracy of its written work, according to Ipsos.

Social media ad spend declined in the second half of 2022, and the category will make up a shrinking slice of total digital ad spend in the US this year, according to our forecast. But brands still need a social media presence. That’s where AI and ChatGPT can help. Here are six uses for generative AI in organic social campaigns.

OpenAI, Microsoft might ignore industry calls to halt AI advancement: As OpenAI continues to aim for a human-level AI with Microsoft’s blessing, industry players are calling foul. Regulation is necessary.

ChatGPT will transform formulaic tasks like product descriptions and inventory management. As OpenAI makes more integrations available, adoption will become increasingly common. Here’s how major retailers are already using ChatGPT.

A 2022 Aira survey of marketers worldwide found 58.9% already used AI tools to optimize existing content, such as for search or to outshine competitors’ copy. Here are four noteworthy ways ChatGPT and other generative AI tools—such as Anyword, Jasper,, Frase, and Quillbot—might be used to enhance content.

Nearly 90% of US marketers said AI or machine learning technology saves their company time and money, while 82% said the content it generates is as good as—if not better than—human-generated content, per Capterra polling from last July. At the time of the survey, marketers said implementation can take a long time, though this perspective may have shifted since ChatGPT burst on the scene.

“Everybody’s talking about generative AI,” said our analyst Suzy Davidkhanian. “The underlying question is, will it last? Or will it be the next metaverse?” (Spoiler alert: She thinks it’s here to stay.) Davidkhanian shares her thoughts on some of the overarching trends from this week’s event.

Insurer Zurich is exploring using ChatGPT to improve modeling and claims. The tech has the potential to strengthen customer service, but not all consumers are sold.

On today's episode, we're at Shoptalk 2023 discussing why influencers might be the key to unlocking livestream shopping, what folks on the floor are saying about generative AI in retail, and how one company plans to redefine the fulfillment experience. In our new "From the Shop Floor" segment, we bring you the best bits from the most interesting retail events. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts vice president of content Suzy Davidkhanian and chief content officer Zia Daniell Wigder, live from this year's Shoptalk event.

It partnered with OpenAI on a ChatGPT plugin to offer users personalized shopping recommendations.

Billions of dollars are flowing to generative AI startups: High barriers to entry and a hard road to profitability mean a select few companies will eventually dominate a powerful market.

ChatGPT’s latest update could turn it into a shopping engine: Instacart, Klarna, and Shopify are experimenting with offering users personalized recommendations.

Bing's ChatGPT integration is boosting its usage, challenging Google in the AI-driven search market: Microsoft shares are up, and the incumbent’s ad revenues could be impacted.

Friction developing between Microsoft and OpenAI: The tech companies compete for AI customers under a profit-sharing model that could undermine Microsoft’s cloud growth. An acquisition attempt is likely.

Brands are scrambling to incorporate generative AI into their strategy to stay ahead of the curve. But according to our analysts, AI’s current uses are just the tip of the iceberg. We dig into some recent AI innovations (including Snapchat’s AI chatbot and GPT-4) and predictions for the tech’s evolution.

Bing's new features take aim at Google: Microsoft is betting that ChatGPT-powered Bing Chat Answers and an image generation feature could keep recent search converts in the fold.

The retail space is changing rapidly as marketers experiment with things like retail media, generative AI, and social commerce. In this discussion, Zia Daniell Wigder, Chief Content Officer, Insider Intelligence, talks about the trends on her radar and what she learned at Shoptalk.

Generative AI’s poetic hallucinations might clash with data science rigor: The tech industry’s growing catalog of generative AI app integration raises questions about performance and adoption best practices.

Its valuation took another big dip, but the raise could encourage other cash-hungry fintechs. Stripe’s OpenAI tie-in can open doors for both firms.