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Gen Z favors a range of product discovery methods, cost-conscious spending patterns, and flexible payment options. Here are three crucial insights and actionable strategies to help brands capture Gen Z’s attention—and dollars—this holiday season.

On today's podcast episode, in our "Retail Me This, Retail Me That" segment, we discuss how Gen Zers discover products; where they stand on buy now, pay later; and how loyal they really are to brands. Then, for "Pop-Up Rankings," we rank three campaigns that really worked with Gen Z. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts analyst Arielle Feger and editor Catherine Ollinger.

Gen Zers are more calculated in their purchase decisions and are less likely to make impulse purchases compared with older generations. Social media is just one tool they use to evaluate products.

This Banking & Payments Show episode explores new cash-back credit card features and their appeal. We discuss a CNBC article on merchant rewards, highlight a feature 58% of consumers find extremely valuable, and debate the merits of these features versus more cash-back rewards.

As Gen Zers grow up and their purchasing power expands, they’re redefining the relationship between brand and consumer, expecting brands to be community-focused, authentic, and culturally relevant.

Marketers may be obsessed with reaching younger consumers, but that doesn’t mean that baby boomers aren’t worth their time. Next year, 11.3 million consumers ages 55 to 64 and 10.8 million consumers 65 and older will make a purchase via social media, per our forecast.

Following TikTok trends is vital for staying relevant when working with influencers, creating content on owned channels, or developing paid social ads. But trending content on the platform also reveals greater patterns of what works (and what doesn’t) with Gen Zers, 71.1% of whom will be on TikTok next year, according to our May 2023 forecast.

31% of US internet users will shop this Black Friday. The same amount will also shop Cyber Monday, according to Deloitte.

Time spent on media and consumer spending are plateauing, making one company's gain another's loss. Diving into these market dynamics, we explore innovative strategies for advertisers and retailers to win consumers in the new digital era.

Gen Z is ready to spend this season. Millennials may be a bit cautious. YouTube is the place to go if brands want to get on Gen Alpha’s radar. And for older consumers, trust is the key to getting them to spend. Here’s how retailers can appeal to each generation as the holiday season readies for Cyber Five.

Gen Zs plan to splurge this holiday season: The cohort is more likely than any other generation to increase spending this year, according to new research provided exclusively to Insider Intelligence.

Knowing and trusting a brand is the top factor influencing purchase decisions for US adults, particularly among those ages 55 and older, per an August 2023 CivicScience survey.

As Gen Zers grow up and their purchasing power expands, they’re redefining the relationship between brand and consumer, expecting brands to be community-focused, authentic, and culturally relevant.

Gen Z is redefining family, community, and what’s expected from the shopping journey. Brands will need to meet these driven, digital natives where they are with dynamic media experiences to capture and retain loyalty.

Dupe culture powered e.l.f. Beauty to a 76% YoY sales increase last quarter: Gen Z’s favorite drugstore brand is reaping the rewards as consumers look for budget-friendly ways to stay on top of beauty trends.

Social commerce sales are continuing to rise steadily, reaching $82.82 billion in the US next year, per our forecast. But it’s getting harder to convert new buyers. Here’s how retailers can encourage more social media purchases and boost their social commerce sales.

Defying global challenges, Pinterest excels in Q3: Innovations and strategic partnerships bolster its market position.

Sales are quickly approaching $100 billion. Gen Z’s influence on social media habits, new commerce technologies from TikTok, and rising annual spending by buyers are the main factors driving growth. And with users now spending just shy of 2 hours on social media per day, there is plenty of room for brands and users to squeeze more sales.

More than half (52%) of US adults have either used shoppable commerce (buying a product by clicking a link directly within or next to a video) before or are interested in it, according to an Insider Intelligence survey conducted by Bizrate Insights. The majority of those who have used it, however often, identify as male (23%) and are between ages 18 to 34 (31%).