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Their customers are opting out of generic communications. CMOs play a critical role in customer re-engagement.

Customer-to-customer payments volume dropped 13% YoY in Q2. But it outlined three initiatives to help it reverse declines in H2.

The trading app plans to fire almost one-quarter of staff to cut costs after a disappointing first half of trading.

Following a 13% YoY increase in payment volume, CEO Dan Schulman said PayPal will focus on core functions, including checkout and digital wallets.

Barclays, NatWest, and Lloyds are all exploring possible acquisitions despite market uncertainty.

American Express Global Pay helps meet demand for all-in-one payment solutions as SMBs digitize.

We’ve netted out three trends from earnings results in the US, the UK, and Canada. And it’s not all bad news.

The all-cash deal values Atlanta-based EVO Payments at $4B and can help Global Payments improve its B2B offerings.

The SEC has called out JPMorgan, UBS, and TradeStation for deficient customer identity theft prevention programs, and the CFPB just fined U.S. Bank for opening unwanted new accounts.

Mastercard’s gross dollar volume increased 14% YoY in Q2. The firm said it’s ramping up value-added services and investing in innovation to sustain growth.

Survivors will find new ways to generate revenue while keeping their customer base intact.

Dick Durbin and Roger Marshall have drafted a bill that will let merchants route Visa and Mastercard credit card transactions to alternative networks.

On top of that, BMO Harris has been accused of deleting evidence. This could mark the end of the line for the deal.

Volume increased 12% YoY in its fiscal Q3 and was at 136% of 2019 levels—though inflation likely played a role.

Banks, consumers, and regulators still can’t agree on a sound method for sharing data while still maintaining privacy.

Adding functions for small sellers’ convenience can help shore up its business, but it could also foreshadow Amazon’s broader payments strategy.

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Skyrocketing fraud in the UK will likely lead to repayment requirements. Banks want other firms to help.