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Financial Services

The value of Deutsche Bank shares plummeted on Friday as the price of its credit default swaps spiked. Meanwhile, the news of a probe left UBS and Credit Suisse shares struggling.

It partnered with OpenAI on a ChatGPT plugin to offer users personalized shopping recommendations.

Insurance joins the long list of industries slashing ad budgets: Insurers are among TV’s most recognizable brands, but industry problems have forced them to back down.

On this special bonus episode of "The Banking & Payments Show," we take a step back from the Silicon Valley Bank debacle to explore what’s on the horizon for the banking industry. In our "Trouble and Opportunity" segment, we examine the lasting effects from the banking failure (e.g., more regulation) and consider the trends that may arise from this crisis (e.g., more neobanks). Tune in to the conversation between host Rob Rubin and our analyst Tiffani Montez to hear what the path forward will be after the meltdown.

Between bank collapses and a prolonged crypto winter, 2023 has not been kind to the banking industry. But that doesn’t mean things can’t turn around. Here are five charts on what’s good (consumer trust remains steady), what’s bad (crypto’s downfall continues), and some areas of opportunity (the rise of ChatGPT).

Big Tech layoffs in 2023 have already blown past 2022’s total—indicating that job cuts are expected to continue and that they’re now spreading to peripheral industries.

The Wall Street lender’s pilot shows the space is maturing and could prompt other banks to launch their own biometric products.

Though smaller than previous hikes, this one will still weigh on consumers, small banks, and even large, well-capitalized banks that are trying to help.

Gen Zers are ready to spend. The majority will be adults in 2023, meaning increased spending power. And they rely heavily on digital when making purchases: Gen Z will surpass Gen X in the number of US digital buyers by 2025, per our forecast.

The solution lets businesses create physical or virtual cards, which can open a new revenue stream for

Fed chair declares banking system is ‘sound and resilient’: And the Treasury Secretary says large withdrawals from regional banks have stabilized. But will investors believe them?

Regulators’ response to a letter requesting expanded coverage was vague and not reassuring. Next steps are crucial, but regulators can't afford to stall much longer.

It’s testing a browser-based crypto wallet despite the industry’s tumultuous year.

On today's episode, we discuss what happened to Silicon Valley Bank, its knock-on effect on the media and retail worlds, and how this is affecting advertisers. Tune in to the discussion with our director of Briefings Jeremy Goldman and analyst Jenna McNamee.

Regulators hoped the deals would quiet the chaos, but they might be doing the opposite.

Working with the country’s leading super app can help Western Union compete more aggressively against digital challengers.

Secretary Yellen emphasized its stability and endorsed the rescue efforts. The Fed gave a picture of emergency lending.

Visa, Mastercard, and several paytechs said their businesses were mostly uninterrupted despite ties with the now-collapsed bank.

On today's episode, we explore the evolution of the payments ecosystem and discuss the trends to look out for in 2023. In our “Headlines” segment, we discuss (among other things) buy now, pay later; credit card fees; and crypto. In “Story by Numbers,” we examine payments at retail stores. And in “For Argument’s Sake,” we debate whether interest rate scrutiny by regulators will impact credit card rewards programs. Tune in to the lively conversation between our host Rob Rubin and analysts David Morris and Jaime Toplin.

The number of Gen Z mobile banking users will reach 33.7 million in the US this year and continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.4% through 2026, per our forecast.