Financial Services

Smaller loan provisions and huge net interest income gains hint that banks will likely be resilient through an economic downturn.

Spending was consistent with prior quarters in 2022. But consumers may struggle to pay down card debt if economic headwinds pick up in 2023.

Consumer demands are evolving faster than banks’ tech, so they’re turning to fintechs to keep up. Slowly, banks and fintechs are learning to work together.

Nipendo specializes in B2B payments automation, which can help Amex attract new business and compete more aggressively.

It will focus on existing clients and aid minority communities—but will that be enough to repair its image?

The government will spend $318.4 million to encourage more banks and payment providers to support the domestic solutions.

A Groundhog’s Day scenario will repeat Q3. Profits have plummeted, investment banking has dried up, and banks continue prepping for loan losses.

US sellers can now add the checkout feature to their websites, which can help it sweep in more volume and stay competitive.

Mass layoffs at the Wall Street bank and a forecasted 46% drop in profits are symptomatic of the broader banking industry slowdown.

The expected record-high rates will raise demand for budgeting tools, rewards focused on everyday spending, and BNPL.

Farmers in rural areas and emerging countries are often financially underserved. That’s where fintechs can make their next move.

On this first episode of the year, we explore the key banking and payment trends of 2023. We discuss trends and predictions, crunch important numbers you need to know, and have a conversation about how the different players in banking will capitalize, adapt, or get left behind. Join the conversation with host Rob Rubin, our principal analyst Tiffani Montez, and vice president of content Dan Van Dyke.

The top priority among US mobile banking users is knowing that their information is safe, according to our latest benchmark study of this banking channel. More than half (56%) said being notified of a Social Security number breach was “extremely valuable” to them, while 51% said the same of alerts for unusual account activity.

The firm is reportedly in talks over a sale. We discuss why it could be an attractive acquisition and how likely a buyout is.

In the first week of the new year, US regulators came out swinging against Coinbase, Binance, FTX, and Celsius.

A handful of regulators issued a formal warning to banks—but a few key agencies were nowhere to be found.

A group of senators sent a letter to Synchrony and Wells Fargo about their credit cards designed for medical expenses.

We highlight the banking news that broke while most of us relaxed over the two-week holiday slowdown.

Fintech stocks and indices underperformed broader financial services and technology stocks last year—here’s why that matters.