Financial Services

Issuers prioritized payment flexibility, rewards, and digital co-brands. They also capitalized on travel spending and leaned into small-business solutions.

The new year will bring more uncertainty, more customer demands, and more regulatory scrutiny. Here’s what we’re keeping tabs on.

The regulator’s director, Rohit Chopra, ruled with an iron fist, tackling topics from overdraft fees to artificial intelligence.

From tumbling valuations to the arrival of Big Tech firms, we run down the biggest BNPL developments of 2022.

We take a look at how Goldman Sachs’ consumer banking business, Marcus, went from a major bank initiative to being dismantled in a reorg.

We look back at the year’s most disruptive Big Tech payment stories and how the Big Four have expanded in the space.

Fewer potential buyers think they’ll make a deal next year, citing a recession, fears about talent retention, and fintech uncertainty as reasons why.

We plot the trajectories of three US policy initiatives we tracked this year to forecast how they’ll fare in the 118th Congress.

Our US P&C Insurance Technology Spend Forecast looks at where insurers facing squeezed margins will double down on their limited budgets.

Insurance reform laws alone won’t revive appetite for risk: Better policy pricing may improve insurers’ returns—but pricing for climate change is a challenge. Watch for parametric insurance to surge in popularity.

Inflation and monetary policy topped the list, while crypto and cyberattacks dodged the top 10.

Our predictions that Block would launch a super app and that multinational firms would ramp up acquisitions in Africa in 2022 deserve a second look.

Last year, we predicted India’s CBDC plans would materialize in 2022 and that the CFPB would hone in on BNPL players.

Stronger oversight and a shrinking competitive advantage for ESG products will fail to kill the sustainable investing boom

We highlight some of the biggest and most shocking failures of the year.

From enabling Apple’s softPOS to expanding its BNPL program, we look back at the biggest announcements from Block this year.

Consumers have noticed this uptick after identity fraud losses topped £15.3M last holiday season. Many are on board with using biometric data to speed up the process.

It partnered with merchants and mobile wallets to offer customers coupons and discounts across select markets in Asia-Pacific and Europe.

On today’s episode, we discuss the use cases for real-time payments and where the service is headed. In our “Headlines” segment, we dive into embedded finance developments. In “Story by Numbers,” we break down numbers that highlight the use cases for real-time payments for enterprises and consumers. Our final segment explores the Federal Reserve’s pending launch of FedNow and how it will coexist with The Clearing House's real-time payment network. Listen in as host Rob Rubin welcomes Ulrike Guigui, executive vice president, head of enterprise payment strategy at Wells Fargo, and Sandra Nudelman, head of consumer data and engagement platforms at Wells Fargo, to the conversation.