Financial Services

The updated version offers more generous rewards for purchases at US gas stations and online purchases. We weigh whether that’s enough to capture consumers’ attention.

As the online BNPL space saturates, Afterpay and Klarna are turning to in-store partners to fuel growth.

Goldman Sachs lent $233 million to help it grow its financial services presence in the region.

The terminated deal could not meet regulatory requirements. VyStar’s recent troubles show the hazards that delayed M&As and digital transformation pose to banks’ growth.

Zip said it plans to focus on its core business instead—we look at what it means for both providers.

In 2023, 5.5 million US adults will use cryptocurrency to make payments, a jump of more than 350% in three years. That said, this figure represents a meager 2.3% of US internet users, showing that crypto payments are far from mainstream.

It’s buying a banking license and using its funding to build the tech behind its operations, laying the foundation for a super app.

The ECB plans to converge on a methodology for collecting climate-related data from banks. Other countries are keen to do the same.

On today's episode, we discuss why Net Promoter Score (NPS) usage isn't translating into a better customer experience for many, how to use it effectively, and tactics for dealing with angry customers. "In Other News," we talk about how neobanks can use customer service to stand out from the crowd and the significance of Target adding coffee pickup and returns to its curbside service. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Patty Soltis.

Revolut is using Stripe’s infrastructure for payment processing in the UK and Europe and to support global expansion.

More than half of consumers in the UK would switch their bank if it was caught laundering cash, new research shows.