Media Buying

Can Google coast comfortably through a challenging 2023? The search and advertising giant’s Q4 foreshadows slow growth, revealing cracks in its empire.

Previously, we didn’t expect video to hit the 50% milestone until after 2024. With advertisers preserving more of their social video budgets during the downturn, this trend was accelerated.

After surviving Q4, Meta tries to refocus its business: An emphasis on efficiency all but ensures more cuts will come in 2023.

Snap continues its Q3 storyline into Q4: Users top estimates in fourth quarter, but dwindling cash is a hurdle to innovation and growth.

The next phase of direct-to-consumer (D2C) retail won’t be defined by a singular distribution strategy, but rather by the goal of making a real connection with customers. To get to the next level, D2Cs must use their physical presence, partnerships, marketing dollars, and customer data.

After several years of double-digit increases, worldwide digital ad spending saw growth slow to 8.6% in 2022, for a total of $567.49 billion, according to our forecast. This year, growth will rebound to 10.5%, and spend will reach $626.86 billion.

TikTok steps up its PR in the US capital: It’s hard for a Chinese company to make friends on the Hill, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

Search ads and retail media to aid Western Europe advertisers: Economic uncertainty to bolster use of ad channels that can deliver solid returns in 2023.

Nearly 80% of the world’s internet users are on social media. This landscape is still dominated by Meta in most markets, but use and ad spend is shifting away from Facebook and toward TikTok. Here are five charts capturing the worldwide state of social.

US ad spending fell 12.1% in December 2022, the sixth consecutive month in which total spending has declined, according to revised data from Standard Media Index’s US Ad Market Tracker. To no one’s surprise, inflation continues to take its toll. But things may not be as bad as we thought.

B2B marketers became more focused on data during the pandemic when in-person events—a classic way of collecting first-party leads—ceased to be an option, and they shifted more resources toward digital. Despite a drop in growth in 2023, data spending will hit $3.91 billion by 2024.

Disney to bring Hulu ad targeting to its streaming properties: Move should bring efficiencies as Netflix looks to bulk up its ad tier.

Walmart’s fledgling retail media business made big gains in Q4: Ad spending on the platform rose 31% YoY thanks in part to the ads’ growing effectiveness.

Mobile app install ad spending is on the rise, and more video content on social media means an increase in time spent on platforms. Plus, click and collect remains a popular option for grocery buyers. Our forecasters laid out some good news for advertisers.

Retail media was the fastest-growing digital ad channel worldwidein Q3 2022, with retail media spend increasing 45% versus a year ago, according to Skai. It also gave advertisers more bang for their buck with impressions up 61% and costs per click down 12% year over year.

TikTok’s recommendation oversight could usher in a new era for social media: The embattled app promised regulators access to its algorithm, which could mean similar changes for competitors.

Despite uncertainty, marketing budgets could be on the rise: Thanks to digital and social challenges, print might benefit more than you’d think.

As many advertisers are cutting budgets as increasing them: Advertisers worried about the economy are slashing spending, but the shift to digital leaves them little choice.

Though Meta’s sheer size makes it a platform that advertisers can’t afford to ignore, the titan of advertising’s throne has never sat on shakier ground.