Spotify could break away from Google and Apple’s payment duopoly: Google’s alternative payments pilot program might only serve higher-profile apps, leaving smaller developers in the lurch.

Global headlines bring Telegram to the spotlight: Messaging app finds followers and critics as awareness of it rises.

Learn how companies can use location data effectively and where location data goes from here. "In Other News," we discuss the most impressive part of Apple's earnings and what's next for smartphone experiences. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Yory Wurmser.

Instagram’s role in the metaverse will involve NFTs and the creator economy: At SXSW, Zuckerberg hinted at long-term metaverse plans and upcoming NFT features.

Meta’s facing international growth challenges: Legal inquiries and fines from South Africa and Ireland are the latest hurdles the social media leader must contend with.

The closure of an ad-free YouTube app is a reminder of ad blockers’ prominence: Digital advertising efforts are at odds with the experience most internet users want.

Despite a supply chain crunch, Apple maintained its dominance in wearables shipments during Q4’21. We detail how Samsung and Fitbit could close the market gap.

Meta uses fitness data to tap into Apple’s ecosystem: Bringing the metaverse’s fitness stats into Apple Health via Oculus headsets helps Apple users close their activity rings and gives Meta synergy with a larger user ecosystem.

Thinner and lighter devices are a repairability problem: Tech companies like to talk about how far ahead they are in sustainability, but their products undermine their net-zero aspirations.

Ukraine’s internet access suffering outages from Russian bombardment: Internet companies scramble to restore services but have to limit bandwidth. Skylink’s internet is helping fill gaps but could also be targeted.

List of Big Tech companies, carmakers shunning Russia grows longer: Services and apps go dark, putting pressure on Russian consumers. But will continued sanctions influence the Russian government?

New data collection strategies emerge from Apple’s privacy update: Advertisers and publishers are turning to ecommerce, direct mail, and other means to enhance their first-party information, our recent report finds.

HBO Max was the most downloaded US mobile entertainment app in 2021, with 46.0 million downloads and a monster growth rate of 101%. Second-place Netflix saw downloads drop by 15% year over year to 38.0 million.

Intel leads consortium for chiplet production: AMD, Qualcomm, Arm, TSMC, and Samsung make up a dream team of silicon producers, but the exclusion of Nvidia and Apple raises questions.

Netflix’s gaming investments set it apart from streaming competitors: The company acquired a Finnish mobile games studio that it has worked with in the past.

Verizon banks on private 5G for business: The carrier’s service in BlackRock’s offices will showcase an opportunity for 5G to shine while challenging Wi-Fi’s dominance in office, enterprise, and government use.