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Retail & Ecommerce

On today's podcast episode, we discuss the travel rebound and how tech is helping it out, how Black Friday football (with a side of online shopping) performed this year, will X (formerly Twitter) go bankrupt next year, a new way to stream NBA games post-cable, what to expect from ChatGPT next year, why your passport is the color it is, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our forecasting writer Ethan Cramer-Flood, forecasting analyst Zach Goldner, and director of forecasting Oscar Orozco.

Black Friday sales totaled $9.8 billion this year, according to Adobe Analytics, just below our June 2023 forecast of $10.4 billion.

Although inflation, a strong job market, and a positive economic outlook are at play, three dominant ad channels are contributing to upward US ad spend. October saw a 3.2% YoY growth for the US ad market, marking the fourth consecutive month of spending increases, according to the Standard Media Index ad market tracker.

Recently, both Walmart and Target have warned that consumers’ cautious spending habits may lead to a sluggish holiday season this year. Were they right to be worried? Here’s how the holiday shopping season is going so far.

US ecommerce sales will grow 9.3% to reach $1.137 trillion in 2023, per our forecast, thanks to cost-conscious consumers looking for better deals and an increasing number of digital grocery buyers. As 2023 wraps up, ecommerce will go out on a high note, with online holiday sales growth outpacing brick-and-mortar sales.

Key stat: 31.5% of US shoppers who discovered an item in-store purchased it right away, per an Insider Intelligence survey.

On today's podcast episode, in our "Retail Me This, Retail Me That" segment, we discuss how the Thanksgiving numbers look, why folks are online shopping more this season, and where the ecommerce ceiling is. Then for "Red-Hot Retail," our analysts give us four spicy predictions about the remaining few weeks of holiday shopping. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts director of Briefings Jeremy Goldman and analyst Zak Stambor.

Amazon to shutter Amazon Ad Server by 2024, focusing on growing other ad services: Reflects a strategic shift towards more promising advertising technologies.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss whether Uber's business is actually sustainable, how many Americans use ride-hailing apps, and what the ad opportunity is. "In Other News," we talk about whether there will be more—or fewer—self-checkout options by the end of next year and whether the world is ready to accept humanoid robots used by Amazon. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Yory Wurmser.

From Goop and the New York Times to TikTok creators, everyone is putting out a gift guide this year, trying to get a piece of this year’s holiday sales pie, which we forecast to reach $1.31 trillion in the US.

The Ozempic effect could have wide-ranging implications beyond the food industry—if it exists: Apparel makers, beauty brands, and airlines could capitalize as GLP-1 adoption grows, but only if users stick to the meds.

US internet users are expected to spend an average of $1,652 this holiday season, exceeding pre-pandemic figures, according to Deloitte. This marks a 13.5% YoY growth rate from 2022, when average spending was $1,455.

As consumers look for quick and convenient ways to shop, the number of click-and-collect buyers in the US will rise to 150.9 million in 2024, representing 53.1% of the population, per our December 2022 forecast.

Retail media just got even bigger. We recently updated our US retail media ad spend forecast to show higher growth than previously estimated, culminating in $109.40 billion in spend in 2027.

The world of retail media is always changing. Here’s what has caught our eye over the past few months.

For the second half of 2023, US retail media ad spending will reach $46.38 billion, per Insider Intelligence’s forecast. Meanwhile, connected TV (CTV) ad spending will also post growth of 20.0%. In response, marketers in 2024 will create dedicated retail and media strategies to leverage retail data sets in CTV.

“Performance Max [campaigns] are more algorithmic in nature,” Menachem Ani, founder of online ad management company JXT Group, said during a recent Paid Search Association webinar. “Don’t force it to behave like a [traditional] campaign. My recommendation is to put in the work and make the most out of it.”

TikTok Shop has rapidly emerged an important channel for some merchants: But whether those early gains are sustainable remains a question given the significant discounts that drove those results.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss whether X (formerly Twitter) can recover from its latest debacle, if folks will start buying cars on Amazon, whether ad-free social networks are inevitable, companies potentially ruining "buy one, get one free" deals, United Airlines weighing using passenger data to target ads on planes, how people feel about tipping in the US, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our vice president of Briefings Stephanie Taglianetti and analysts Ross Benes and Bill Fisher.

Gen Z favors a range of product discovery methods, cost-conscious spending patterns, and flexible payment options. Here are three crucial insights and actionable strategies to help brands capture Gen Z’s attention—and dollars—this holiday season.