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Retail & Ecommerce

Adding non-payments uses could make the wallet more convenient, helping Google pull new users and grab spending

More of your customers are LGBTQ+ than ever before: Recent studies highlight a surge in global identification, particularly among Gen Zers.

China’s example would suggest that retail media has enormous headroom for growth in the US. Companies like Amazon have been growing their ad revenues by leaps and bounds, and yet ecommerce channel ad spending will still only represent 14.6% of the US digital ad market this year. In China, the share will be 38.1%.

The partnership opens up the provider to a massive merchant network, which can help it add users and grow volume.

Luxury spending in the US is returning to historical norms: Shoppers are increasingly focused on saving money and travel.

On today's episode, in our "Retail Me This, Retail Me That" segment, we discuss exactly how much of the retail membership market Amazon Prime has gobbled up, whether Walmart+ is even competing with Amazon, and how valued benefits have shifted. Then, for "Pop-Up Rankings," we rank our top four creative recommendations for what retail memberships could offer members. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts analysts Sky Canaves and Blake Droesch.

It will use AI for transaction approval, predictive analytics, and customer experience tools

BuzzFeed has created a commerce site for its lifestyle brand, Goodful, while Time has launched a platform for product recommendations and reviews. TikTok’s Pulse Premiere program offers publishers 50% of ad revenues and a brand safety guarantee.

Economic concerns, inflation, and subscription fatigue have all tempered consumer appetites for subscription offerings.

Klarna hailed AI’s potential, but it needs to consider how the tech can bring benefits that competitors can’t replicate.

Social media and TV are the top channels that consumer packaged goods (CPG) consumers use to find new products, but in-store still plays an important role in product discovery. Meanwhile, Amazon and Walmart are fighting to capture share of CPG product searches, though in-store consumers are more likely to turn to Google for help.

The app’s expanding product suite could appeal to this group. But they won’t be an easy sell, and Block risks becoming over-reliant on Cash App.

Data security is the most important feature to adults worldwide when deciding whether to transact with a business online, according to TransUnion. An easy payment process is the second most important, followed by ease of login or authentication.

We expect US cosmetic and beauty sales to grow 7.6%: While consumers are spending more selectively, they’re still willing to splurge on their favorite items.

The BNPL provider added a credit opt-out feature to help prevent consumers from going further into debt

Modern card issuers are turbocharging the issuer processor space by offering API-based, customizable card solutions for non-financial services companies. Mobile payment services, ecommerce marketplaces, and the gig economy are in their sights—along with $17.12 billion in issuer processing revenues.

Internet use is growing the fastest in the Middle East and Africa, where about 80 million more people will go online at least once per month between 2023 and 2027, according to our forecast. Roughly 60% of the global population will use the internet regularly.

Retail media’s rise in popularity is being boosted by increasing ecommerce sales, a wide variety of ad formats, and established retailer-brand relationships. But an increasingly crowded space may have advertisers feeling overwhelmed, which could put a bit of strain on retail media’s growth.

The 15 biggest US ecommerce players aren’t a surprise (here’s looking at you, Amazon, Walmart, and Apple). User-friendly mobile apps, quick delivery, innovation, and converting sales are what turn retailers into ecommerce powerhouses. Here are the companies our analysts believe best exemplify those features within the 15 largest ecommerce players.

Target offers a year-long return policy for its private labels: That’s a very different approach from most retailers, which have made steps to clamp down on returns.