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Social Media

“Over 50% [of users] say they view Pinterest as a place to shop,” said Pinterest CEO Bill Ready. “Yet we haven’t made it easy for them to shop historically, as shoppable content was not integrated into core experiences.”

Marketers are on the prowl for the next big social media platform. They’re eyeing names like BeReal, Lemon8, and Zigazoo, but so far, no platform has gained users the way TikTok did. “Understanding why certain apps surge and why some ultimately fizzle is vital to keep up with changing social user trends and behaviors,” said our analyst Jasmine Enberg. We took a closer look at what marketers are watching.

Elon’s X dreams will suffer from Twitter’s trust problem: Piecemeal partnerships, like its latest with eToro, won’t drive the earth-shattering change the social media platform needs.

“Consumer acquisition costs have gone up. Data is harder and harder to access. It’s trickier to figure out how to target our consumer in the right way.” That’s Kendra Scott’s CMO Michelle Peterson, summarizing the state of marketing right now. The jeweler has found success both online and in-store by leveraging its D2C roots, pushing a viral TikTok presence, and working with the right influencers.

Social media newcomer Lemon8 racked up about 64,000 US downloads per day, on average, in recent weeks, according to Apptopia. The platform, which comes from TikTok owner ByteDance, capitalizes on the shopability of photos and short videos with its Pinterest-meets-Instagram format.

Summer is on the way, and the advertising landscape has already changed significantly since the start of the year. We checked in on data surrounding the biggest trends, including AI search (which is happening whether consumers want it or not), a TikTok ban (no one knows but be prepared), retail media (it’s exploding), and more.

Influencers may be an attractive option for brands looking to broaden their reach, but if a creator isn’t able to promote the service or product, it can come off as inauthentic and turn consumers away. Brands looking for a way to promote their products should look to longer-term brand ambassadorships. Here are three reasons why.

Big Pharma needs a better local online presence: We dive into the 2023 Worldcom Digital Health Monitor report to find out which of the largest pharma companies are winning and who’s losing opportunities based on their online presence.

TikTok eclipsed Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat in US users within just a few years, according to our estimates, and now it’s chasing Instagram. After years of exceptional growth, TikTok will boast more than 100 million US monthly users in 2023—unless lawmakers stand in its way.

Pentagon breach is a new low for social media: A classified document leak on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter has serious geopolitical implications. If platforms don’t take action, public sentiment might flatline.

On today's episode, we discuss why advertisers aren't returning to Twitter, what the impact of the new blue check mark will be, and whether folks actually want to pay for social media. "In Other News," we talk about the potential of TikTok's sister app Lemon8 and what to make of TikTok's new "Series" feature. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Jasmine Enberg.

Lemon8 makes a splash in US as lawmakers mull TikTok ban: New app quickly gains followers, but Chinese ownership could raise concern.

We expect Twitter’s worldwide ad revenues to plummet by 27.9% this year as advertisers continue to pull back spending.

In the US, just 18% of adults say they’ve used livestream and video ecommerce, according to an October 2022 Insider Intelligence survey with Bizrate Insights. Brands shouldn’t shy away from livestream shopping in the US, but they need to be intentional about how they implement it.

A ban isn’t swaying brands from spending on TikTok: Apple, Pepsi, and DoorDash are among brands increasing ad spend despite hefty political problems.

Latin America social network shifts to aid Instagram, TikTok, and Snap: Video-centric platforms are winning young users.

New app makes a play for Gen Z: As TikTok teeters on the verge of a ban in the US, Zigazoo is one social media app that is vying for market share.

Over the past month, we’ve seen ad updates from all the major players, from Meta’s generative AI ads to Google’s attempts to decrease clutter. Here’s what they mean for advertisers.

VC funding for creator-focused startups has plummeted in the US, even as these startups multiply. Last year, funding dropped by 51% YoY, while the number of creator-related startups increased by 550%, per The Information. This is part of a greater trend of cooling VC investment.

50% of Americans support a government ban on TikTok, with higher support among Republicans and older Americans. Continued scrutiny could be TikTok’s downfall.