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Social Media

CES delves into the creator economy: Sessions included topics such as data accessibility and influence of AI, underscoring the rising power of the booming creative class.

Meta’s latest EU fine is more than a minor shakeup: The ruling, which Meta will appeal, could markedly limit its ability to target advertisements.

A quarter of US adults pay the most attention to TV commercials, making them the top ad format, followed closely by online ads, per CivicScience. Magazine and newspaper ads rank near the bottom, with only 4% and 5% paying them the most attention, respectively.

Our analysts have already shared what they think will be the biggest trends of 2023, but we’re not done with the crystal ball just yet. From patchwork TV measurement to Meta cashing in on its messaging apps, our team revealed some thoughts on what’s to come in the year ahead.

Gen Z feels better than millennials about its relationship with social media: But while platforms are popular brands among teens, data shows they can have negative mental effects.

In 2022, both YouTube and TikTok captured 46 minutes of their adult US users’ attention each day, per our estimates. Netflix reigned supreme at 60 minutes daily. Time spent with TikTok will tick up every year through 2024, when it will reach 48 minutes per day, but it won’t pass Netflix anytime soon.

The ad industry will never be the same after 2022: Between the ad downturn, regulation, and new channels, the ad industry entered a new era.

Meta trapped in the middle of its past and future: One year after its bold pivot to the metaverse, Meta is wrestling with poor VR user adoption while desperately trying to resuscitate legacy apps in a flagging ad-revenue reality.

Despite inflation continuing into the new year, we believe that influencer marketing will endure. Why? Trust may have a little something to do with it.

Twitter’s turbulent takeover: The Twitter-Musk saga is one of the biggest stories for 2022 that will likely continue into 2023. It could strangle other Musk-owned businesses like Tesla, which Musk is using to sell stock to keep Twitter afloat.

Will Elon Musk’s Twitter flourish or falter? Despite the current chaos, some see potential for significant changes.

“The sky isn’t falling,” according to The New Consumer and Coefficient Capital’s “Consumer Trends 2023” report. But consumer habits are changing as a result of high inflation, shifting attitudes around COVID-19, and the battle for digital attention. Here are our key takeaways from the report.

We look at 2022’s biggest tech flexes that changed the landscape of business or left us scratching our heads. The year saw Tesla’s CEO buying Twitter, Google exiting games, Amazon bringing back the dead, and TikTok expanding into various other segments.

Will TikTok’s China ties stymie its progress in US? Legislative and regulatory suspicions and scrutiny pile up even as the app gains favor with marketers and users.

Netflix versus TikTok is the battle to watch in 2023.

US government intensifies stance against TikTok: A permanent ban from government devices could push the public sector to further remove TikTok from devices. But some fear the service is too big to fail.

“Attention must be earned in an instant.” That’s according to our analyst Paul Verna. “The dominant ad formats [on social media] are below 15 seconds and in some cases as low as 3 seconds.”

Social’s share of total digital ad spending will shrink every year through 2024 at an accelerated rate. We

Our latest forecast shows the global monthly Twitter user base will shrink 3.9% next year and 5.1% in 2024. “Users will start to leave the platform next year as they grow frustrated with technical issues and the proliferation of hateful or other unsavory content,” said our principal analyst Jasmine Enberg.

Meta is struggling after hemorrhaging money on its metaverse ambitions and as Instagram faces serious competition from TikTok. Meanwhile, TikTok recently reduced its global revenue goals for the year and could be facing some regulatory and legal hurdles ahead. And don’t even get us started on Twitter.