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Social Media

On today's episode, we discuss real-world examples of how generative AI can humanize messaging, increase engagement, and turn customers into brand advocates. "In Other News," we talk about why LinkedIn is betting on trust and some promising use cases for generative AI in content marketing. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Kelsey Voss.

On today's episode, we discuss some predictions for 2023 that are too specific to be 100% certain but could still come true, including: why Microsoft would want to buy Roku, whether TikTok will make a splash in search advertising, who will be the runaway retailer of the year, if Instagram's new Twitter competitor app will be a hit, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Debra Aho Williamson, Andrew Lipsman, and Paul Verna.

To succeed in digital advertising at a time when consumers worldwide split their time between seven social platforms each day, simple, scaled, AI-powered creative campaigns are key.

TikTok aims to quadruple the size of its global ecommerce business in 2023. But TikTok Shop’s US rollout has been complicated—and that could have implications for the company’s aggressive goal.

Whether you’re an established brand like Wendy’s or a young D2C building an audience, understanding the right mix between organic and paid social is key, especially as the line between the two blurs. “I think paid is planned paid, and organic has opportunistic pay that could go along with it,” said Jimmy Bennett, vice president and global head of brand engagements and partnerships at Wendy’s.

This year, US social network ad spending will grow at its slowest pace since we began tracking it, at just 3.4%, to reach $68.45 billion, according to our forecast.

Gen Z's podcast listening surges: New study reveals insights into the habits and preferences of this diverse listener demographic.

On today's episode, we discuss what AI-generated ads will look like, TikTok testing a new AI chatbot called Tako, Formula One finding a new way to advertise on its cars, ESPN offering its channel as a standalone streaming service, what using VR in a car will look like, visualizing the US workforce as 100 people, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our forecasting writer Ethan Cramer-Flood, director of forecasting Oscar Orozco, and analyst Max Willens.

On today's special episode, we continue our new monthly show where we discuss the biggest trends of the moment and the newest research, sprinkle in some analysis, and bundle it up into a quiz. Every month, three of our analysts representing their respective coverage area teams compete against each other. (We also encourage you to play along at home.) We’ll keep a running score all year and crown a winning team at the end of the year. Today, we cover Google reinventing search, Amazon's grocery strategy, and what Twitter appointing a new CEO means for growth. Tune in to the discussion with this month's contestants: our analysts Ross Benes, Blake Droesch, and Debra Aho Williamson.

On today's episode, we discuss what happens now that Montana has approved a ban on TikTok, what Amazon's AI chatbot might look like, why Meta got a record fine from the EU, what space advertising looks like, a Supreme Court ruling on an infamous internet law, how good humans are at multitasking, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our director of Briefings Jeremy Goldman, analyst Evelyn Mitchell, and vice president of Briefings Stephanie Taglianetti.

TikTok's privacy debacle deepens: Internal documents reveal ByteDance employees have been sharing user data on internal platform Lark, undermining the company's claims of robust security measures and stirring fresh concerns about potential security risks and ties to China

Musk’s embrace of the far-right could hurt Twitter’s turnaround efforts: The amplification of far-right voices is likely to keep liberal and moderate users, as well as some advertisers, on the sidelines.

On today's episode, we discuss what's currently driving retail media, the other retailers outside of Amazon to watch, and what advertisers should be focusing on in this moment. "In Other News," we talk about ads (and influencer content) in Roblox and why Tesla has decided to start advertising for the first time. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Max Willens.

Instagram has become an essential platform for ecommerce businesses’ social media strategies. Brands that leverage the social platform’s Instagram Story ads can boost their online presence, broaden their audience, and enhance engagement to achieve success.

The US isn’t the only country with serious talks of TikTok bans. Japan, the UK, Germany, and France are all countries with over 15 million TikTok users each that could be left with a lot of time on their hands if TikTok bans succeed.

One-fourth of creators said they go live to their followers via YouTube, making it the most popular livestreaming app ahead of TikTok (18.7%), Facebook (17.4%), and Instagram (14.0%), per an April 2023 survey by The Influencer Marketing Factory.

Lenders need to be prepared for quicker, digitally driven runs after SEC rules out short-selling ban.

On today's episode, we discuss Snapchat's first quarterly revenue decline since going public in 2017, what to make of the social platform's My AI chatbot, and how concerned we should be by Snapchat's inability to innovate (without being copied). "In Other News," we talk about TikTok ads bringing viewers back to bigger screens and what people are doing on different social media platforms. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Jasmine Enberg.

TikTok and generative AI have changed the brand marketing game more than any other development since the pivot to mobile, and social media marketers must adapt. Here are six takeaways from CMOs and marketing professionals on how to do just that.

For luxury brands, tapping into the partnership channel presents a unique opportunity to reach new audiences and maximize brand awareness. The pay-for-performance partnership model mitigates risk by allowing luxury brands to work with partners that can curate rich stories all the way down the purchase funnel for an established community.