January 31, 2018

Emerging Technologies that Internet Users Worldwide* Would Like to See Their Favorite Brands Use, Dec 2017 (% of respondents)


This chart shows responses among internet users when asked about technologies they'd like their favorite brands to use. Tech examples include automatic payments, interactive fitting rooms, biometric identification and payments, VR/AR and interactive signage, voice-activated shopping and in-store ... robots.More


Data is from the January 2018 iVend Retail "Global Path to Purchase Report: How the Modern Path to Purchase Differs Around the World" in partnership with AYTM Market Research. 2,250 internet users ages 18+ from Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, the UK and the US were surveyed online during December 18-21, 2017. There were 250 respondents from each country. iVend Retail is a retail management platform provider.