September 13, 2018

Why Do US Retailers* Use Reward-Based Promotions Instead of Discounts/Coupons? March 2018 (% of respondents)


Data is from the September 2018 Hawk Incentives report titled "Next-Generation Promotions" conducted by Aberdeen Group. 212 US companies with average annual revenues of $4.5 billion were surveyed during February-March 2018. Respondents' industries were direct manufacturing (15%), manufacturing through distributors (34%), retail (30%) and other services (21%). Respondents included companies in the Fortune 100 and 500. Respondents identified themselves as C-suite (31%), director/VP/SVP (32%) and managers (37%). Hawk Incentives is a rewards and incentives provider. Blackhawk Network is the parent company of Hawk Incentives. Aberdeen Group is a technology and services company.