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December 3, 2018

Why Do the Companies of Retail Professionals in Brazil Sell Their Products/Services on Digital Marketplaces? (% of respondents, Sep 2018)


Data is from the December 2018 Olist study titled "vender em marketplaces: diagnóstico e tendências no Brasil" sponsored by GhFly, Gorila App, Konduto, NeoAssist, Plugg.To, Preço Certo, QuantoSobra and Vindi. 623 retail professionals ages 18+ in Brazil were surveyed online during August 5-September 5, 2018. Respondents identified themselves as 27.6% female and 71.5% male with their companies being headquarted in the following regions in Brazil: Midwest (5.9%), North (1.8%), Northeast (3.6%), South (26.3%) and Southeast (62.4%).