February 19, 2019

How Do Client-Side Marketers Worldwide Rate Their Company in Terms of Customer Experience (CX) Maturity? (% of respondents, 2015 & 2019)


Only 10 percent of companies worldwide have very advanced customer experience maturity, up from 8% in 2015. There have been minimal change in customer experience maturity between 2015 vs. 2019 with half of respondents having quite advance to very advanced maturity and the other half having not very ... advance to immature maturity.More


Data is from the February 2019 Econsultancy report titled "2019 Digital Trends" in partnership with Adobe. 12,815 business professionals worldwide from various industries were surveyed online during November-December 2018. Respondents were from the client-side (60%) and supply-side (40% including agency marketers, consultants, technology vendors and other service providers) from companies with a business focus of B2B (31%), B2C (32%) or both (37%) located in Asia (24%), Australia/New Zealand (8%), Europe (47%), Middle East (2%) or other (5%).