June 13, 2019

What Will Be the Most Transformative Application of Innovation for Customer Service for Businesses Worldwide in the Next 5-10 Years? (% of respondents, April 2019)


Customer service professionals worldwide were asked which applications will be most transformative for customer service in 5-10 years. Responses include a seamless omnichannel experience for the user, empowered customers with the self-service tools to help themselves with ease, higher quality ... automated responses to basic customer issues and faster response times to customer queries and complaints.More


Data is from the June 2019 Incite Group "2020 State of Customer Service Report." 569 customer service professionals worldwide from various industries were surveyed during April 11-30, 2019. Majority of respondents were from Incite's internal database of big brands but select external partners were also used. Respondents were based in Africa (8%), Asia-Pacific (17%), Central Asia (2%), Europe (31%), Latin America (7%) and North America (31%). Respondents were from agencies (16.8%), B2B (18.5%), B2C (20.2%), NGO (2.8%), press/media (1.7%), technology partner (10.9%) and other (29.1%). Incite Group is a business intelligence company.