May 15, 2019

How Does the Choice of Free Shipping Impact the Ordering Decisions of Internet Users in Select Countries? (% of respondents, Jan 2019)


This survey question asked consumers in China, Japan, Germany, France, the UK and the US about how much free shipping impacts their decision to make a purchase. The responses were not a consideration, somewhat impacts and greatly impacts.


Data is from the May 2019 AlixPartners report titled "Opening New Doors for Home Delivery." 6,000 internet users ages 18+ in China, France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the US were surveyed online during January 2019. There were 1,000 internet users surveyed in each country. Respondents were evenly divided by gender. 50% of the respondents were ages 25-44. The majority were living in households with more than 1 resident.