July 18, 2019

Which Communication Channels Do Internet Users Worldwide Find Help Influence Them the Most in Their Purchase Decision Process? (% of respondents, Q2 2019)


English-speaking internet users were asked the communication channel that helps influence their purchases. Responses include website, social media, live and in-person, email, telephone, text, mobile app, printed mail, video, events, conferences, shows or demos, webchat/chatbot and other.


Data was provided to eMarketer by CMO Council. Respondents were asked, "Thinking about how you make decisions about purchases, which communication channels do you find help influence you the most in your decision process?"


Data is from the July 2019 CMO Council report titled "Critical Channels of Choice" in partnership with Pitney Bowes. Over 2,000 English-speaking internet users worldwide were surveyed online by a Pollfish research panel during Q2 2019. Respondents were located in Australia/New Zealand (3%), Canada (7%), Ireland (5%), UK (5%) and US (81%), female (59%) and male (41%) with an age breakout of 20% for all generations with age ranges of Gen Z (under 18), Millennials (19-39), Gen X (40-54), Boomers (55-76) and seniors (over 77).