September 5, 2019

Do US Adults Think that Facial Recognition Technology Is Acceptable in Select Situations? (% of respondents, June 2019)


A survey of US adults asked whether the use of facial recognition technology is acceptable in certain hypothetical situations. These include: law enforcement assessing security threats in public spaces; landlords tracking who enters/leaves apartment buildings; companies tracking employee attendance; ... advertisers measuring responses to out-of-home ad displays.More


Data is from the September 2019 Pew Research Center report titled "More Than Half of US Adults Trust Law Enforcement to Use Facial Recognition Responsibly." 4,272 US adults ages 18+ from the American Trends Panel (ATP) were surveyed online during June 3-17, 2019. The American Trends Panel is a nationally representative panel of randomly selected US adults. Panelists who do not have internet access at home are provided with a tablet. The margin of sampling error for the full sample is +/-1.9 percentage points.

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