November 18, 2019

What Do US Employees Think of When They Hear the Words "Automation Technologies" or "Robots" When Used in Conversations About the Workplace? (% of respondents, Oct 2019)


Employees were asked what they thought when they hear the words "automation technologies" or "robots" when used in conversations about the workplace. Responses include think of tools/machines/software that could assist them with tasks and make their job more efficient, think of ... tools/machines/software that could take my job or other.More


Data is from the November 2019 Sykes "Future of Work Survey Report." 1,500 employed US internet users ages 18+ were surveyed by Pollfish during October 2019. Respondents were ages 18-24 (10.0%), 25-34 (29.7%), 35-44 (25.7%), 45-54 (18.9%) or over 54 (15.6%) with a gender breakdown of female (59.0%) and male (41.0%). Respondents were located in the Midwest (22.3%), Northeast (20.4%), South (40.8%) and West (16.6%). Sykes is a business process outsourcing provider for IT consulting or IT-enabled services.