March 27, 2020

How Much US Adults Want to Hear From Brands During the Coronavirus Pandemic, by Industry, March 2020 (% of respondents in each group)


This chart shows how much US adults expect to hear from brands during the coronavirus outbreak by industry including grocery stores, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, household goods, food & drink, retailers, financial services, charities, bars and restaurants, entertainment, social media, gym and ... fitness, automotive and fashion and beauty. More


Respondents were asked, "Would you like to hear more or less from these types of companies at this current time?"


Data is from the March 2020 Opinium report titled "US Brand Marketing in a Crisis: Why Now Is Not the Time for Silence." 2,006 US adults ages 18+ were surveyed online from March 20, 2020-March 25, 2020. Data is representative of the US population.

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