June 3, 2020

Which Digital Platforms Do Podcast Listeners in Canada Use Most Often to Access Podcasts? (% of respondents, May 2020)


This chart shows digital platforms that monthly podcast listeners in Canada have used to access podcasts in the past year. Digital platforms included YouTube, Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Spotify, Google Play/Google Podcasts, other podcasts apps (e.g. Overcast, Pocket, Casts), app/website of a specific ... radio station, Soundcloud and iHeartRadio.More


Data is from the June 2020 Signal Hill Insights report titled "The Canadian Podcast Listener Spring 2020 Update: Summary Report " in partnership with Ulster Media with the sponsorship of The Podcast Exchange (TPX). 590 podcast listeners in the past year ages 18+ in Canada (a representative national sample on MARU Voice Canada) were surveyed online during May 27-28, 2020.

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