October 6, 2020

Do Senior Marketers Worldwide Plan on Repurposing Their Office Spaces After the Coronavirus Pandemic? (% of respondents, June 2020)


Respondents were asked, "Some organizations already are considering remote working as a way going forward and are rethinking the purposes of their offices (i.e., more for 'collaboration' tasks rather than daily work for all full-time employees). Are you reconsidering the 'purpose' of your offices?" ... Data was provided to eMarketer by WFA.More


Data is from the October 2020 World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) "Crisis Response: Wave IV Survey Results." 39 senior marketers worldwide were surveyed online during September 17-27, 2020. Respondents were from 35 companies representing approximately $67 billion in annual media and marketing spending. Respondents were from companies with industry designations of FMCG food/drinks (35%), tech/communications (21%), durables (12%), healthcare (9%), FMCG beauty (6%), finance (3%), energy (3%), and other (12%).