June 2, 2020

Internet Users in Europe Who Approve of Brands Running Advertising Campaigns Related* to the Coronavirus Pandemic, by Country, May 2020 (% of respondents in each group)


Data is from a June 2020 GlobalWebIndex report titled "Coronavirus Research Release: Multi-Market Research Wave 4." 17,143 internet users worldwide ages 16-64 were surveyed online during May 19-26, 2020. The survey was conducted in Australia (n=1,053), Belgium (n=544), Brazil (n=1,041), Canada (n=770), China (n=1,050), France (n=1,033), Germany (n=1,062), India (n=1,072), Ireland (n=532), Italy (n=1,069), Japan (n=788), New Zealand (n=554), Philippines (n=764), Poland (n=559), Romania (n=534), Singapore (n=770), South Africa (n=531), Spain (n=1,086), the UK (n=1,068), and the US (n=1,263). Responses in each country have been weighted for age, gender, and education level. Given the speed of this survey in response to the coronavirus pandemic, some countries had comparatively few responses in the 16-24 or 55-64 age groups. Where necessary, weightings have been combined with adjacent age groups.