February 9, 2021

Evolution of HR Jobs due to AI in the Next 3 Years According to US HR Leaders, Jan 2021 (% of respondents)


Respondents were asked, "How do you think AI will evolve human HR jobs in the next three years?"


Data was from a February 2021 iSolved report titled "Transforming Employee Experience: A SWOT Analysis of 500 Human Resources Departments." 500 US HR leaders were surveyed online during January 2021. Respondents were from companies with 500 employees or less (48%), 501 to 1,500 (35%), or over 1,501+ (16%) in leading verticals of business/professional services (16%), manufacturing (14%), and medical/health (13%) with the rest (construction/engineering, education, financial, travel/hospitality, legal, government, nonprofit, real estate/property management, utilities, and wholesale/distribution) between 1%-8%. Respondents were employed full-time in an HR role in a seniority level of manager (46%), director (29%), chief people/HR officer (19%), or VP (6%). iSolved is an HR management software company.