April 9, 2021

Areas Marketers Worldwide Consider Important for Their Marketing Performance Success, Oct 2020 (% of respondents)


Data is from the April 2021 Salesforce "Marketing Intelligence Report: Data and Analytics Trends to Drive Future Growth." 1,065 marketers worldwide were surveyed online during September 8-October 12, 2020. Respondents were from Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the UK, and the US (n=150 for each country). In addition, two senior marketers from Australia, the UK, and the US were interviewed via telephone during October 6-15, 2020. Respondents were from companies with a business focus of B2B (26%), B2C (30%), or both (44%) in the top business verticals of apparel/fashion (29%), CPG (28%), technology/business solutions (28%), consumer electronics (27%), financial products/services (25%), with the rest between 6%-24% (brick-and-mortar retail, online retail, media/entertainment, manufacturing, cosmetics/toiletries, automotive, healthcare/life sciences, telecommunications, restaurants, liquor/beer/wine, pharmaceuticals/remedies, and travel). Salesforce is a cloud computing and CRM company.