June 23, 2021

Coronavirus Impact: US Adults Who Are Currently Comfortable Shopping In-Store, Feb-June 2021 (% of responses)


Data is from a June 2021 CivicScience study as cited in company blog. For data on shopping in-stores, 71,591 responses from US adults ages 18+ about shopping behavior were obtained online during February 7-June 19, 2021. For data on eating in restaurants, 108,932 responses were obtained during the same period. For data on going to a movie theater, 74,101 responses were gathered during the same survey period. For data on going to a major public event, 72,562 responses were gathered. For data on traveling, 69,326 responses were gathered. Data is weighted according to the US Census. CivicScience is an online polling company that polls consumers on their favorite websites and social networks.