January 1, 2022

Healthcare Services that US Telehealth Users Have Accessed via Telehealth, by Type, Oct 2021 (% of respondents)


Respondents were asked, "What type of care have you accessed via telehealth services? Select all that apply."


Data is from a January 2021 Insider Intelligence survey titled, "Telehealth Trend 2021." 1,609 US adults ages 18-75 were surveyed online during September 23-October 7, 2021. Respondents to the online survey were telehealth users or potential users selected to align with the US population on the criteria of age, gender, and income. 94% were telehealth users and 6% were potential telehealth users who said that they are planning to use telehealth services in the next 12 months. The margin of error is +/-2.4% with a 96% confidence level.