December 16, 2021

Awareness vs. Usage of Fintech Apps According to US Adults, by Type, Aug 2021 (% of respondents)


Respondents were asked, "How familiar are you, if at all, with each of the following services?" and "Survey question to those familiar with the brand in question: Have you ever used any of the following services to make a payment or transfer money?"


Data is based on a December 2021 Fiserv report titled "Expectations and Experiences: Fintech Adoption November 2021." The survey was conducted online in the US by The Harris Poll during August 9-31, 2021. A total of 3,033 interviews were conducted among US adults ages 18+ who met the following criteria: someone in the household currently has a checking account with a bank, credit union, brokerage firm, or other financial organization and has used their checking account to pay a bill or make a purchase in the past 30 days. The data were weighted to ensure that relevant demographic characteristics of the sample matched those of the US general population.