October 1, 2021

US Holiday Season Ecommerce Sales Growth, by Product Category, 2021 (billions and % change)


Apparel and accessories includes clothing, footwear, and accessories. Auto and parts includes vehicles and aftermarket products such as auto accessories, replacement parts, auto equipment, and tools. Computer and consumer electronics includes large appliances. Furniture and home furnishings includes ... furniture, housewares, and small appliances; excludes home improvement and tools. Food and beverage includes packaged foods, fresh foods, and beverages. Health and personal care includes over-the-counter products such as medicines, vitamins and supplements, personal care/hygiene products, beauty products, and other household products like toiletries, baby products, and pet products. Toys and hobby includes sporting goods. Other includes home improvement and tools, garden equipment, building materials, auto fuel, and other (such as flowers, cards, photos, luggage, and cigarettes).More


Estimates are based on the analysis of data from benchmark source US Department of Commerce, estimates from other research firms, historical trends, reported and estimated revenues from major online retailers, consumer online buying trends, and macro-level economic conditions.