January 19, 2022

Product Categories US Luxury Buyers Purchased In-Store vs. Online, Oct 2021 (% of respondents)


Data is from a January 2022 Klarna report titled "The State of Smoooth: Unpacking Luxury in 2022" conducted by Dynata. 1,051 US luxury shoppers ages 18+ were surveyed online during October 2021. Respondents were those who bought luxury in the past 12 months. Luxury retailers are defined as those who are exclusive, everlasting, and top-of-the-line that belong to the most expensive products of their category. Price point generally exceeds $500 (fashion/shoes & accessories), $1,000 (jewelry), $1,000 (home), and $300 (beauty), and do not include brands defined as part of the “premium” segment.