Click and collect will remain popular among US consumers in 2022, but it is no longer stealing significant dollar volume share from traditional ecommerce delivery or in-store shopping. Once a highly disruptive trend, click and collect will see its proportion of overall ecommerce and its impact on brick-and-mortar spending settle in. This monumental digital transformation of yesteryear is now the status quo.

US buyers will spend $95.87 billion via click and collect this year, a 19.4% increase year-over-year (YoY). Insider Intelligence’s earlier estimates saw click-and-collect sales cross the $100 billion mark this year, but has now been readjusted and pushed back to 2023. Brick-and-mortar’s incredible 18.5% rebound in 2021 took the wind out of click and collect’s sails.

Overall ecommerce also grew well last year (14.5%) and will continue to this year (14.1%), stemming the tide of click and collect stealing share from legacy ecommerce. Given the general decline in click and collect’s pace of growth, the enduring strength of delivery-based ecommerce, and the resurgence of in-store shopping, it appears that click and collect has become a status quo option. Its share of spending has nearly reached equilibrium.