Most of the world’s social network users reside in Asia. In 2022, more than 3.5 billion people globally will spend time on a social network at least once a month, and nearly 60% of those people (2.13 billion) will live in the vast swath of earth called the Asia-Pacific region. By contrast, the next largest region, Europe, will have just 511.0 million social networkers.

Asia-Pacific’s dominance in social network users is not news. What is new, however, is the degree to which the region’s user growth is slowing down. Until 2021, Asia-Pacific had posted double-digit increases in social network users nearly every year since we began tracking in 2009. But growth dropped to 4.8% last year and will decline again to 3.4% this year.

In 2022, Facebook will have 934.3 million users in Asia-Pacific this year, more than it has in any other region. TikTok would have been closing in on Instagram for second place, but its ejection from India has made that outcome nearly impossible.