There will be nearly 3.6 billion monthly social network users worldwide this year, amounting to more than 8 in 10 internet users. But growth has fallen dramatically since the pandemic peak. Fewer new users are logging on, and some have decided to abandon social networks, leading to the slowest growth rate since we began forecasting social network usage in 2009.

Still, there will be a 2.9% growth this year, amounting to nearly 3.6 billion social networkers around the world. That accounts for 8 in 10 internet users, making using social networks still one of the world’s most popular digital activities.

Facebook is the leading social network by far, but our inaugural forecast reveals that TikTok is now the third-largest worldwide platform. Although TikTok isn’t anywhere near challenging Instagram’s position in second place, it will see 755 million monthly users this year—many more users than Snapchat or Twitter.